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Visa to Indonesia

02 September, 2014

Business Visa

If you are visiting Indonesia on business purpose, such as training, conference, trade fair or business negotiation, etc. you shall apply for Business Visa. For applicant it is required Indonesian company sponsorship. Cekindo if requested is able to provide you with this sponsorship for Visa. Important to mention that with Business Visa you are not allowed to earn money and take up employment in Indonesia. Based on number of entries there are two main types of Business Visa in Indonesia:

a. Single Entry Business Visa

As the name implies, Single Entry Business Visa are for one time entry and will be expired once you leave Indonesian territory. Single Entry Business Visa is valid for 60 days at first, and could be extended up to 4 times. Extension can be arranged by Cekindo at immigration office in advanced before the expiry date. The total validity of Single Entry Business Visa with all extension is 180 days at most.

b. Multiple Entry Business Visa

Different with Single Entry Business Visa, a Multiple Entry Business Visa will not be expired even though you leave Indonesian area during the validity period. Multiple Entry Business Visa enables you to have frequent business visit to Indonesia. The validity of Multiple Entry Business Visa is 1 year. However, it has 60 days stay permit every upon arrival and it cannot be extended at Immigration office for more than 60 days per 1 stay period. Thus, you shall exit Indonesian territory on the 60th day at the latest, and then you are allowed to enter Indonesia again. 

Limited Stay Visa (KITAS)

Apply for Limited Stay Visa (KITAS when you intend to stay in Indonesia for certain period of time. There are various types of KITAS depending on the purpose and condition of stay in Indonesia. Generally the maximum validity of KITAS is for 1 year and extendable. Below there are few types of KITAS that are commonly applied:

a. KITAS – Work Visa

If you want to work in Indonesia as foreign resident you are required to have Work Visa / Permit. This involves sponsorship from Indonesian company. The maximum validity of KITAS – Work Visa is for 1 year and you can extend it every year inside Indonesia, you can do so up to 5 times (sponsorship must be same name). For KITAS – Work Visa, you shall arrange IMTA (Work Permit) and require paying Expertise Skill Development Fund (DPKK) for around USD 1,200 for 1 year to the Ministry of Labor. After entering Indonesia, you have to visit immigration office immediately within 7 days after arrival to report and arrange KITAS Card. If you exit Indonesia and return to Indonesia, you shall arrange "Exit Re-entry Permit" before departure.

b. KITAS – Marriage with Indonesian Spouse

For certain period of time you are eligible to obtain KITAS - if you are legally married to Indonesian spouse and you do prefer stay in Indonesia. Those KITAs are sponsored by your Indonesian spouse. Your children with younger 18 years old will be able to enter Indonesia under that Visa.

3. Permanent Stay Visa (KITAP)

You can apply for Permanent Stay Visa (KITAP) after 5 years holding KITAS in Indonesia. It is valid up to a total of 25 years, and it has to be revalidated every 5 years. To initiate conversion for KITAP request conversion at the same time as KITAS is renewed by formal letter. Local immigration office determines how each KITAP is granted. Only a retired person does not require KITAS to apply for KITAP.

4. Retirement Visa

Retirement Visa is suitable in case you are retired or senior citizen with minimum age of 55years and want to stay longer than 60days. Retirement Visa requires local Indonesian sponsor to seek an authorization from Indonesian immigration before applying for the Visa at the Embassy or Consulate Generals in your country. Reason for this is that Retirement Visa is treated as Limited Stay Visa. This Visa is valid for 1 year and could be extended up to 5 times (immigration approval is required).

To complete the list of Visa, there are more types of Visas according to your purpose of visit, such as Tourist Visa, Socio-Culture Visa, Student Visa, Family Reunion Visa, Visa for Professional, such as Artist, Investor, etc.

For further questions and clarifications, feel free to contact Cekindo. With our experienced team, we are ready to assist you in your Visa and work permit inquiries!

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