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The political and business scene in Kuwait is evolving in anticipation of the Master Plan 2040

Healy Consultants Group PLC
23 December, 2016

Kuwait is aiming for the future – one diversified out of fossil fuel dependency. The country wishes to become a new, worldly-accepted financial and commercial hub similar to Dubai. At least this is the vision of His Highness the Emir.

The process began to take shape with new appointment for Oil Minister. The new Minister is a former head of the country's stock exchange, which means he boasts significant business acumen in diversification. One which the country desperately needs in order to stay competitive, not only in the oil sector, but globally as well.

The latest "master plan" for Kuwait 2040, aims to involve multiple government agencies and bodies, that aim to work simultaneously for reaching a common goal – making Kuwait more accessible by foreign business, as well as facilitate easier cooperation between local agents and tax advisors.

However, the master plan involves much more than optimized workflow between Government and private business. The development of new urban and infrastructural projects ensure foreign investors will enjoy class-leading business environment. Logistical businesses are expected to benefit the most from such plan, as predicted by Healy Consultants.

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