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The business climate in Belgium has its ups and downs according to Healy Consultants

Healy Consultants Group PLC
17 November, 2015

Belgium is a rather small market of 11 million people, which consequently aim to pursue and often enjoy high revenues generated from exports. Main destinations for Belgian produce traditionally are other larger EU nations, US and South-East Asia. Now that 2015 is almost over we can review how the Belgian markets developed and where they are going.

"The downs"

Climate change is affecting every business around the globe, but the Belgium artisan brewers felt a strong negative impact this autumn. For example, one of the most prominent Belgium craft breweries – The Cantillon had to close down the production line as the warm autumn is making the brewing period shorter and shorter. Because the open-air technique used by the local breweries requires specific conditions between 3 and 8 degrees Celsius, the current sunny weather does not allow adequate infusion critical for the process. As a result, the targeted 400,000 bottles per year may become just wishful thinking, lowering export opportunities for this and many other Belgian businesses.

"The ups"

With most business niches being taken within the EU, Belgian business is targeting the large, secluded, but promising new-old market of Iran. Iran boasts 80 million consumers, which have lived in the isolation due to global sanctions in the past several years. Renewal of business ties will surely lead to an increase in mutual trade and toward a beneficial long-term relationship. To support this relationship, the Belgian Prime Minister Didier Reynders was one of the first heads of state to visit the country in the beginning of 2014. Healy Consultants estimates mutual trade between Belgium and Iran may provide leading business news stories in the next five years over multiple business ventures.

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