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The Offshore Bank Accounts are losing Ground

30 November, 2015

The offshore bank accounts are gaining less interest among those who at one time used this tool for maintaining their privacy regarding their banking movements, and the use of e-wallets like PAYOPM www.payopm.com are coming into style. The reason is simple: although the offshore jurisdictions continue to maintain a tax policy that seems to be more convenient, it's certain that these sites don't keep the bank secret anymore, for which reason the offshore bank accounts have lost their main attraction since it's no longer possible at present to maintain privacy in banking transactions, with them.

During the last five years, not just a few governments, mostly from countries with high tax rates have named tax shelter countries as their number one "public enemies" so that they have lined up their vast legal resources to impede their citizens from transferring their income to these tax-friendly jurisdictions. For the governments, it was a way to evade paying taxes; while the citizens defend their right to use legal financial engineering, in order to avoid the governments' enormous tax loads. Opening offshore bank accounts was one of the answers found by tens of thousands of people, upheld by financial experts. This mechanism certainly worked, however, these days it appears to be obsolete because most of the offshore jurisdictions have backed off when faced by governmental pressure and the banking secrecy is being respected less each day. In addition, banks require much more documentation than before, and then, to avoid penalties, they hand over personal information, without worrying about how much damage the client could incur. Logically, this worries all those who have an offshore bank account and now they know that they can be exposed to the financial authorities of their countries of residence.

Nonetheless, faced with this problem, the enterprising mind finds a solution and in the case of offshore bank accounts a palliative has arisen that positively maintains the same advantages offered by offshore bank accounts, such as privacy and zero taxes. This answer is PAYOPM, the most modern offshore e-wallet existing at this time.

PAYOPM calls immediate attention to two very useful elements: it allows you to send and receive money without needing a bank account and all this is surrounded by complete security. No excessive controls, only what is necessary to guarantee that this modern platform isn't used for illegal activities.

Outside of this, PAYOPM doesn't set restrictions.

This offshore e-wallet offers its clients three types of account. For example, with the free account you can send up to 1,000 Euros per month and reception is unlimited. While, with the Silver account, you can send up to 2,000 Euros and of course, reception is also unlimited. The cost of for maintaining this account is only 240 Euros per annum. And last, the Gold Account is the most complete of all, since it allows unlimited sending and receiving of money. Its maintenance cost is 480 Euros per annum, but its advantages are very substantial.

PAYOPM works with the main world currencies, also accepting bitcoins, Western Union and MoneyGram. In addition, its clients can apply for a UnionPay debit card, associated with the PAYOPM account; with this, you can make online purchases in most stores around the world, as well as make cash withdrawals from ATM networks.

PAYOPM has demonstrated that by using this platform, its clients don't need offshore bank accounts to send and receive money. This offshore e-wallet has become the best answer for those looking for privacy in an ever more controlled world.

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PAYOPM is an online payment service and trust developed by OPM SECURITY CORPORATION that allows you to make and receive payments through different methods that go from bank transfers to payments made with credit cards and transfers made by settlements. We count on ample international recognition and we are recommended worldwide by numerous electronic commercial sites. This makes us leaders in the online secure payment market. www.payopm.com


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