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The Hunt for Yield satisfied in New Zealand

Vivier and Co
30 September, 2014

New Zealand is seen as good as it gets when it comes to investing in Bonds and other interest yielding investments - NZ is quite simply regarded as the obvious destination if you are looking for High Quality combined with High Yield, the type of yields that are only offered on junk bonds overseas. Global demand for NZ bonds hit record levels in 2013, and this has continued throughout 2014.

As for NZ government treasuries, foreign ownership is heading towards 70%, hardly surprising considering this country's Aaa/AA/AA credit rating and the significant yield NZ treasuries offer compared to overseas norms. Asian institutions such as Bank's and Wealth Managers have particularly increased their interest in recent times.

New Zealander's don’t know how lucky they are being able to get such high returns, compared to elsewhere in the developed world, for such low risk. And with interest rates starting to head upwards this year, one of the first in the OECD to commence this process, the investment profile for future issuances just gets better.

Overseas investors who want to enjoy the attractive rates of New Zealand without exposing themselves to exchange rate risk can now invest in New Zealand through our easy to open Vivier and Co deposit accounts.

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Vivier and Co

Vivier and Company Limited ('VCL') is incorporated in New Zealand under registration number: 1130618. VCL maintains an insurance policy with Standard and Poor's A+ rated insurers, providing a $10,000,000 indemnity on any one claim/loss in the aggregate. Contact: vivierco.com


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