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Ten Useful Growth Tips for Your Hong Kong Business

18 December, 2018

With the advancement of technology and global opportunities, the world of marketing is changing. Regardless of your industry, you might have heard a million pieces of advice to grow your business into a success. But the decision of growing your business in Hong Kong requires a continued focus on some solid practices. You should also have excellent organizational skills and be flexible.

After you have survived the startup stages and built up your business, then you may be wondering how to take the next step and grow your business.

Here are 10 useful growth tips for your Hong Kong business. Choosing the right one for your business will depend on your available resources, type of business you own, and how much money, time, and sweat you're willing to invest.

#1 Tip - Don't Practice Techniques Out of Your Field

One thing that you should understand while growing your business is that it can't be done overnight. You need to be flexible and must have organizational skills for scaling your business in Hong Kong.

You should spend your time trying to come up with the perfect idea that would save your business. Always try to understand the context of that would help you in maintaining your business.

More importantly, you need to discuss what your business model is, who your targeted audience is, and what the customer decision process will be. Once you figure out the answers to these questions, start making estimations why this would work for you.

#2 Tip - If you can't Measure it, you can't Manage it

The next tip for growing your startup in the competitive business world is that you need to find out a sustainable business model and manage your business expenses. In order to maintain your business, you need to examine the right metrics for your company.

Monitor the performance of your colleagues, financial statement, and check the metrics regularly. It's essential to define your growth metrics and measure them constantly. As a matter of fact, customer acquisition without a clear set of objectives is not efficient time management.

#3 Tip - Leverage Social Media

In the business world, you can't ignore the power of social media as far as marketing and scaling your business is concerned. And if you are not leveraging social media platforms or tools in Hong Kong to acquire more loyal customers, then you are missing out on millions of prospects.

Nowadays, people expect businesses to be available for them to answer their questions, or to provide them with information. Social media platforms are the best way to stay connected with customers, which will help you in growing your business. In other words, social media is the ideal place to increase your brand's exposure, generate more leads, and even serve customers.

#4 Tip - Analyzing your Competitors

Competetive analysis is a report of the company strategy and how it relates to the competition. The objective of competitive analysis is to examine the strengths and weaknesses of your rivals within your industry.

More importantly, it provides strategies that will act as a distinct advantage from your competition entering your market, and any weaknesses that can be exploited within the product development cycle.

So, if you want to upgrade your business, then you need to know more about your rivals and understand their strategy to sell their products and services.

That's the only way to make progress and understand the directions to rise above the other companies in your industry. You can also offer something different from your rivals, in order to figure out exactly what your customers want.

#5 Tip - Manage your Finances

In the early stages of growing your business, you might have a small amount of money for your company. To grow your business and avoid cash-flow management, you are also required to have detailed financial planning.

Examine your short and long-term financial goals and develop a balanced plan to meet these goals. The activities of every aspect of a company have an impact on the company's financial performance and must be evaluated and controlled by the business owner.

#6 Tip - Do Things that Don't Necessarily Scale

While setting up a business in Hong Kong, you need to take the first step of getting your friends and family to use your products and services. Marketing your products with your relatives and friends will not only help you in understanding your products, but it will also help you in scaling your company.

Email your local community groups, engage with potential users over Reddit, Twitter, Hacker News or other niche forums. The additional benefit of using this method is to get the ability to stay connected with your users and customers.

#7 Tip - Use Omnichannel Marketing to Address Challenges of Company

As a matter of fact, while growing your business, you will come across many challenges from marketing to managing your finances. Practicing omnichannel marketing to address business challenges can help you in minimizing the impact of those challenges.

Omnichannel marketing refers to the approach of multi-channel sales in order to provide the customer with an integrated shopping experience.

#8 Tip - Understand Marketing from B2B Businesses

The next tip for growing your business is understanding marketing from B2B and B2C businesses. For decades, marketing strategies of business-to-business(B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) have mostly been kept separate.

However, with more access to detailed consumer data than ever before, and an increased reliance on social experiences in consumer decision-making, B2B and B2C audience behaviors are converging, as are the marketing strategies used to reach them. So, you can learn helpful lessons from one to apply.

#9 Tip - Increase Traffic Through Web Development

With the rise of technology and global opportunities, increasing your web traffic plays a huge part of scaling your company in Hong Kong. So if you want to grow or make positive changes in your business, then upgrading your website would be the best choice.

#10 Tip - Excellent Communication

Are having some sorts of problems in business because of your communication skills? Or perhaps your way of communicating might not be all that it can be for your business and employees. Then you need to focus on your communication skills.

It is an essential skill that you need to work on in order to attract interested parties such as investors, stakeholders, as well as potential new customers. Effective communication is going to help you grow your business and get people interested in your business entity.


No matter what kind of business you are starting in Hong Kong, it will require a lot of resources and energy.

If you are willing to take some risk and make some sacrifices in order to be successful one day, then starting a company may be your best bet.

And these 10 tips will help you in scaling your business and bringing in the success you have always wanted. However, if you are still finding some problems in scaling your business, then feel free to contact Startupr and set up a company in Hong Kong.


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