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Tax Benefits in Wyoming

18 July, 2017

Wyoming is well-known as one of the lowest taxed states in the US. See below how you can benefit from doing business in Wyoming.

  • No state income tax
    There is no tax on personal or corporate income
  • No state capital gains
    Capital gains taxes are taxes that you need to pay when you sell and asset that has gone in value.
  • Low sales tax
    With 4% sales tax Wyoming belongs among states with the lowest sale taxes.
  • No tax on the sale of real estate
    Wyoming real estate sales are not taxed
  • No excise tax
    Want to fill up your car with gas or buy groceries? You will not pay any state tax on your gas or food
  • Low property taxes
    It has super low property taxes compared to any other state.
  • No inheritance tax and no estate tax
    There is no state inheritance tax assessed
  • No tax on out-of-state retirement income
    Wyoming does not tax retirement income that comes from other states where they are residents and if the participant is a resident of Wyoming then the original state cannot tax that income either.
  • No state gift tax
    Anybody who owns real estate in Wyoming can gift that property to their heirs without having to worry about paying a state tax
  • No intangible tax
    No tax on financial assets such as stocks and bond.
  • No tax on mineral ownership
    Unlike many other states, Wyoming won't charge you a tax on mineral ownership

Starting a company in this business-friendly state can save you a lot of money, not to mention your time.


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