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Sustainable development in Africa is the way of the future

Healy Consultants Group PLC
11 January, 2016

With the recent pollution disasters in China and Indonesia, many African nations look to further implement established Western business practices of sustainable development. Climate changes have significantly affected the large African continent, from severe droughts to ongoing heat waves. This article discusses the positive sustainable business theories coming from Tanzania and Namibia.


Tanzania is a great example of sustainable usage of hydropower to fuel its economy. More than 35% of the country's electricity needs are produced in its hydroplants. Furthermore, the country boasts large untapped renewable energy options, namely solar and wind.

While Tanzania is yet to tap into these practically unlimited sources the country's Energy Minister, Sospeter Muhongo, said that "the government is keen to invest in alternative power production, including using wind and solar, to meet the hydropower shortfall and give hydropower dams time to refill."

Due to the ongoing heat wave in the region, Healy Consultants estimates foreign investors may have significantly increased interest in developing alternative energy sources in the country, leading to overall increase in FDI.


Namibia is also managing to handle the process of moving towards sustainable development in these crucial decades for the climate. Nowadays, one in every 3 tourism-related companies and establishments is well connected with the surrounding communities to provide not only authentic experience for the guests and entrepreneurs, but also in providing high climate awareness and systematically sustainable development.

Indeed Namibia takes great pride in its popular business environmental awards. The local Programme Coordinator for the Namibian Eco Awards, Hazel Milne, explained "Firstly, efforts in conservation, responsible waste-water-and-energy management are being rewarded, and secondly awareness of environmental issues is increased". Truly remarkable progress.

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