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Signing DTA(s) is a national sport in Luxembourg

Healy Consultants Group PLC
25 September, 2015

Entering into double taxation treaties (DTAs) has been a preferred international strategy for Luxembourg.

In September 2015, Luxembourg managed to begin the preparations for establishing a new DTA with Ukraine. Representatives from both countries met on September 23rd in Kiev to sign the initial agreement. The actual DTA, which will lower the double taxation burden of Luxembourg and Ukrainian entrepreneurs, will follow soon.

Luxembourg is notorious for its hunger to increase its network of DTAs. In fact, Luxembourg has extended relations with countries all around the globe including all EU members, Tajikistan, Qatar, Indonesia and Barbados. The rather small country currently boasts 75 Double Taxation Treaties, with 19 more close to completion.

Consequently, setting up and operating a holding company in Luxembourg is very attractive as it provides optimized tax and efficient business structure. With little to no double tax burden imposed, a Luxembourg registered business is a great holding company solution in Europe.

Further benefits of having a Luxembourg holding company include the ease of doing business as 3 languages are spoken in the country – French, German and English, well-educated workforce, sophisticated financial industry and sound politics.

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