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Seven Benefits of using Mail Forwarding for small business

25 June, 2020

When you are starting a business, spending money on an expensive office space is difficult. That is why many young entrepreneurs look for ways to save money. But then, how would your business mail be taken care of? Basically, worrying about your business mail can turn out to be a headache. That is where the service of mail forwarding for small businesses comes in.

Out of the 500,000 new businesses that are formed every month in the USA, most of them turn out to be a huge success. And do you think this could happen if they worried about their mail? Not a chance. That is why the service of mail forwarding for a small business is there to help out. So, if you are starting out with your idea, you need to opt for this service.

Seven Benefits of using Mail Forwarding for small business

What is Mail Forwarding?

When you run a business from your home, move from one state to another or even move to another country, you would not want all your business mails to be lost. The mail could be related to anything from health care information, business proposals, vendor checks, business licensing documents, journals, bills, and even IRS tax notices, etc. That is when a service for mail forwarding for your small business can help. In this service, the company offering the service takes responsibility for getting all your mails and packages at one address and then forwards them to you at the chosen address.

How Does Mail Forwarding Work?

There are many companies out there that offer the mail forwarding services. These companies play the role of the middleman between the customers and the business. You get a physical, commercial address to use as your business address from the service provider instead of using your home address there. This address can then be used to give your customers, business partners, or investors. All the mails and packages would then be sent at this address regularly.

Your mail will then reach the facility of the company offering the service of mail forwarding for your small business. Once they get it, they notify you about it and you can request them to have your mail forwarded to you on your address then. It is important to note that the best mail forwarding service providing companies do not just offer the mail forwarding services. There are some additional options that you also get to choose from for handling your mail such as recycling, shredding, archiving, or scanning.

You would even be able to set filters and avoid getting junk mail so the mail company would only forward the ones that are important to you. With everything clear on what the service of mail forwarding for your small business is, let us now understand why you need one.

Benefits of Mail Forwarding for a Small Business

There are many benefits of mail forwarding for a small business. These include:

#1 Package and Mail Convenience

If you have a business that needs shipments or even the delivery of important documents from time to time, it can become an inconvenience. Startup business owners are normally very busy looking for ways to grow their business and move around so much that it can be a trouble to be tied down to the delivery date. You would either have to drive to the nearest post office, which is normally not near or ask your neighbor or relative to pick your mail. In some worse cases, you might have your package delivered at your doorstep while it waits for you to get home.

These things can risk the safety of your mail, packages and even your identity, if your mail contains personal documents or bank statements. Leaving these unattended can be a huge issue. With mail forwarding for your small business, all these risks would be eliminated. There would always be someone to sign for your packages and safely store them in high-tech facilities until you command to have them delivered to you.

#2 Mail Security

As mentioned above as well, leaving your mail unattended in your mailbox or outside your home can lead to theft. You can lose important papers that can cost you everything and your identity can also be compromised. In such situations, it can take months to recover if you are hiring some help for your identity that was compromised, which would also cost you a lot.

And for the packages that were stolen, unless you have insurance on your products, you would have to simply follow a long process. This includes filing a complaint and waiting for the things to sort out. Usually, nothing comes out of this and you would have to repurchase the product again eventually.

So, why let the mail create issues for you along with the many other business struggles that you have? With mail forwarding for your small business, all your mail would be safeguarded 24/7 at high-tech facilities. Only the certified and experienced employees would be able to handle your packages and mail. For your personal information, everything would be protected with passwords and an advanced encryption system for your safety. The service would allow your mail to be handled with confidence and care at all times.

#3 Fewer Expenses, More Time

Other than the costs that you bear in case something goes wrong with your packages or mail, postal mail takes a toll on any small business. If it is not the weekly drive to the post office, then it is the postal fee, shipping fees or stamps. Your business can use this money somewhere else for something better. Also, do not forget about the equipment that you will need for your mails such as the printer, scanner, shredder and so on.

You will also need space to keep the paper, so many mails. With mail forwarding for a small business, you can easily save a lot of money by avoiding these things. The service would offer you with instant postal mail scanning and forwarding, recycling, shredding and archiving just sending in a request to the company offering you the services. And at the end, you will have a much better cash flow, more space and more time for other important things.

#4 Maintain a Professional Appearance

With most of the startups being home-based companies, this only leads to building an unprofessional reputation for these companies. Customers normally want to get services or products from reliable businesses that have an office and not a home-based business. They don't care much about your prices. So, how can this be fixed?

Before you hurry out to rent an office or even a virtual office, try out a much simpler solution - mail forwarding for a small business. With a virtual mailbox, you always get a real street address for your business. This address is mostly in a high-class business area. So, by using it, you would be displaying a professional front to your customers and even your clients. IncParadise offers mail forwarding for a small business. This means that you can easily rock your business without worrying about the mails or how your company looks.

#5 Protect your Home Privacy

With mail forwarding for your small business, your partners, investors, or even customers can now send all your business mail to the corporate address. This will allow you to keep your home address private. In fact, your home should never be cluttered with work nor should you be surprised by a sudden visit of a customer at home assuming that it was your office.

In addition to this, by taking up a corporate address in the capital city, you will be able to draw much bigger business deals, which is what your business is aiming for, right? So, it just means that mail forwarding is what you need.

#6 A Paperless Environment

Do you remember the times when you didn't properly shred or recycle and felt guilty afterward? Well, now you would not have to feel like that with mail forwarding for your small business. With just one click, all your paper mail can be taken care of in an environment-friendly manner. In fact, if you have messy piles of mail thrown around at home, it would mean that something important would get lost in it.

And if it was a legal contract or document, your customer would not be happy with your service. It will cause more delays in work and misplacements, which would directly affect your company's image and reputation. By having your mail correspondence done electronically between you and your customers, this issue vanishes. A paperless environment enhances productivity and gives you a clutter-free, paperless workspace.

#7 Faster Customer Response Times

Once you have taken up mail forwarding for your small business, your physical mail gets digitized. This gives you access to the mails any time from your phone or laptop making things easier for you. You will always be on top of all the important mails from customers or partners and handle it instantly. Faster customer response times leads to better customer service. This means you will get more customers and a spotless reputation just by getting mail forwarding for your small business.

How can Incparadise help you?

Finally, with all this said, you need to choose the right service of mail forwarding for your small business. This is where a top and reputable mail forwarding service provider like IncParadise can help you with all your requirements. IncParadise has been servicing over a thousand clients from varied industries and meeting their mail forwarding requirements across the nation. You too can be one of these successful clients.

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