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Ron Paul’s race for delegates - A Blog from Freemont Group

Freemont Group
06 March, 2012

The beginning of next month is seen as a breaking point for the Republican Party´s selection of who is going to run against president Obama. On ‘Super Tuesday’ ten states will hold their primaries simultaneously. Up until this point only nine states held primaries, resulting in a joint lead of Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum. That is, in the simplified media landscape where lack of understanding of the electoral process, wishful thinking and hidden agendas have distorted the election results. In fact, it is a two man race between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney.

How can that be? 

The Republican Party electoral process to select candidates is far more complicated than the media would like it to be. The procedures go back to a day and age when it would take days or even weeks to go from coast to coast in the United States. Instead of holding elections, declaring a winner and sending the results to the national convention, States would send delegations of delegates. While modern technology allows for real time communication, the system of electing delegates still offers protection against election fraud at the Republican Party´s national convention.

It´s all about delegates 

In order to select delegates, the Republican Party holds elections on a state level. But here it becomes confusing: every state has slightly different rules. Some hold a primary, which is basically an election, while others hold a caucus: small town or neighborhood meetings. Some states allow non-republican party members to vote in primaries. Some states will assign delegates proportionately to the election results, while others have a ‘winner takes all’ arrangement. But most importantly: in well over a third of the states, the primaries or caucus are non-binding. This means that the delegates who are elected, usually on a very local level, do not have to vote for the winning candidate on a state or national level. In a caucus set-up Ron Paul performs best: his enthusiastic supporters are infiltrating the party and changing it from within.

Take for example Iowa, the first of the nation caucus state. Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul came in first, second and third within a very small margin. Main stream media divided the delegates proportionately in many of their projections. However the Iowa Republican Party takes until June to select the delegates that go to the national convention. No delegates are selected at this point, and Ron Paul may very well win a more than proportional number.

In fact Ron Paul is expected to get a majority of delegates in caucus and non-binding primary states, and of course earn many delegates in other states too. He is well in the race and positioned to win, in spite of opposite claims by some media outlets.

Romney versus Paul 

With only four candidates remaining, it becomes clear that it really is a two man race between Romney and Paul. Rick Santorum is doing well, but he did not qualify to get on the ballot in a number of states. His extreme Christian views are not likely to do well in more moderate states such as California and New York, which alone make up 11% of total delegate count. Newt Gingrich is experiencing similar problems: he did not qualify to be on the ballot in several states and skeletons in his closet are starting to cast a shadow on his campaign. Voters realize that someone who cheated and left his first wife when she got cancer, and cheated and left his second wife when she was diagnosed with MS, is not a very trustworthy or admirable person.

Should Ron Paul win the election then the world's political leaders will be in for a shock of immense proportions. A withdrawal of the American government from virtually all international institutions, an end to the Federal Reserve, an end to cheap credit, phasing out government interference in health care and retirement provisions, a return to banking privacy, just to name a few small changes. And contrary to all other candidates which have used free-market rhetoric, Ron Paul has proven through his voting record that he doesn't mind voting against or vetoing legislation even if he is standing alone. America would once again be the beacon of freedom and prosperity to the world it once was.

And likely, after America has withdrawn its troops from the 100+ countries it has a military presence in now, Americans would once again be beloved worldwide as well.



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