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Relocate to Malta for Tax Reasons - Live in Luxury

Welcome Center Malta
15 March, 2019

Thousands of companies and individuals relocate to Malta for the tax benefits offered. Despite the regular tax rate not being low in Malta, the overall effective tax rate can be quite attractive to foreign investors and businesses. The corporate tax rate stands at 35% on the net profit generated by the company, however, due to multiple double taxation reliefs, tax credits and more incentives, the overall tax rate ends up being from 0% - 6.25%.

Understandably, this can be a very motivating reason to relocate to Malta. Apart from that, there are many other reasons why one would consider moving to Malta. The Maltese Islands offer an impeccable quality of life, ample leisure possibilities, accessibility and a climate boasting 300 days of sunshine!

If you are relocating to Malta, you need a place to stay. The apartment, house or villa you choose to live in can have a major impact on your type of lifestyle. In Malta, many of the properties offer picturesque sea views. The type of household you can opt for usually depends on three things, location, budget and size.

Welcome Center Malta(WCM) assists thousands of individuals and companies relocating to Malta. WCM specialises in the assistance of company formation in Malta and tax advisory. Furthermore, once their clients arrive to the island, WCM also helps its clients to find the best property for them.

Welcome Center Malta's property portfolio consists of some of the most exclusive properties available in Malta. View their portfolio, pick your dream home and the rest will be handled for you. Depending on the location, luxury properties in Malta can range from apartments, villas, penthouses, palazzos, house of characters and maisonettes. Apart from residential properties for sale and rent, you can also find commercial properties on their portfolio.


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Welcome Center Malta

When looking to set up your company in Malta, you will have several business vehicles to choose from, ranging from sole trader (the simplest form), limited liability company, to joint stock corporations and holding companies. Welcome Center Malta helps you decide. Visit our website: www.welcome-center-malta.com


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