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Register a Company in Singapore

15 February, 2017

Singapore is the leading financial centre for Southeast Asia offering a wide range of services including banking, investment banking, insurance, and more.

If you are considering starting business in Singapore, a private limited company would be your best choice. Your company might enjoy all tax efficiencies in Singapore.

Setting up a Company 

  1. Company Name

    You will have to follow certain rules while choosing your company name, otherwise the Company Registry in Singapore may reject a proposed business name.

    The Registrar will not approve the company name if they find it:

    • Undesirable;
    • Identical to another; or
    • of a kind the Minister has directed the Registrar not to accept.

    To increase chances that the Registrar approves the company name, it's strongly recommended to conduct a preliminary search before submitting the name application for official approval.

  2. Registered office in Singapore
  3. Particulars of company shareholders
  4. Particulars of company directors – bear in mind, that at least one company director must be a Singapore resident.
  5. Particulars of the company secretary
  6. A brief business description
  7. Paid up capital

    After incorporation the Company Registrar will issue:

    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • Company Business Profile containing the particulars of the newly formed company
    • Additional things your company should have:
    • A company seal
    • A company rubber stamp
    • A share register

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