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Please Turn Out The Lights As You Leave

Penelope Wise
02 December, 2007

The report that no fewer than 3.8 million British and Irish own overseas properties means that at least 15 million of us have access to a bolt-hole, allowing about four people to a family.

Even more stunning is the estimate that this market is growing at 13% annually. This means that 28 million of us will have access to overseas properties by 2012, and the entire population will have left by 2020.

The inhabitants will by then consist entirely of Polish plumbers, Turkish bricklayers, Russian billionaires and Brazilian football players. Oh, yes, and of course Gordon Brown, who will be in his fourth term as Prime Minister.

He's already got a house in Scotland, which counts as abroad, so he doesn't need to risk his political credibility by having one in Cyprus as well.


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