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Pakistan - Industrial powerhouse in a strategic location

Healy Consultants Group PLC
29 June, 2015

Many foreign investors, predominantly from the US, forget that Pakistan is a large, industrialised country with high potential for growth and a convenient location, bridging 3 continents. Positioned between two booming markets, namely India and the Middle East, Pakistan acts as a bridge between their industries.

While the US is lagging behind in the FDI directed towards the region,  Pakistan has been actively improving ties with China, the second largest economy in the World and working hard to build a stable relationship with them. With the signed 51 memoranda of understanding (MOUs) to boost cooperation and improve economic ties, China and Pakistan aim to build a strong partnership over the next decade. More than 30 points cover the implementation and management of the new economic corridor originating in Pakistan’s coast in the southwest and stretching all the way to China’s north-western region of Xinjiang.

Infrastructure update

Currently, Pakistan has the means for strong industrial output, but lacks modern and optimized infrastructure. However, this situation will change very soon as there are multiple infrastructural project, which aim to improve and modernize several industrial hot-spots around Pakistan’s coast line. For example, Chinese investors aim to upgrade Lahore’s metro system, while Karachi will soon enjoy a brand new highway.

Resolve for security and growth

Many entrepreneurs would not consider Pakistan to be a safe location for investment. Neighbouring countries and the region in general are troubled with the constant treat of ISIS or other radical organizations.

"Let me be clear. We will be relentless in rooting out terrorism, whosoever its sponsors, external or internal," said top Pakistani diplomat Maleeha Lodhi. The Government holds a firm stance against terror and will keep peace at all cost. This success in keeping peace within the country have led analysts to predict higher GDP estimations for 2015 at 5.5%, boosting confidence and resolve.

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