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Open a Hong Kong Bank Account Online

07 October, 2016

Despite the fact, that many banks all around the world have tighten their requirements for bank accounts opening, DBS Bank Ltd in Hong Kong now offers online account opening services.

The process is easy and straightforward. You will be required to fill out and online form and submit requested documents.

Information you need to provide:

  1. Account Settings – your personal details and select account(s)
  2. Business Details
  3. Company Background
  4. Online Banking/eReports Setting
  5. Schedule meeting – you can either schedule a meeting at SME Banking branch in Hong Kong or arrange a video conference with a Relationship Manager. Please note that eligibility to online account opening service is subject to criteria check by the bank.

"Meet Online" Account Opening Service

Once you submit the application online along with all required documents, you can arrange a meeting with a bank officer through video conference. The bank will evaluate your application and will either approve the "Meet Online" or require to meet personal at the branch in Hong Kong. If the bank approves the "Meet Online", you can complete the account opening process without visiting the branch. The bank officer can also arrange courier service to collect documents from you.

The online platform will inform you of the bank's decision after you submit the online application form. If the "Meet Online" is not approved and you're not able to attend the bank meeting, you can cancel the application.

This service is available to Limited Company, Offshore Company, Sole Proprietor, Partnership, Club, Society and Associations.

Visit https://www.dbs.com.hk and click the "Apply Now" button and fill out an online application.

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