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Offshore Company - 5 Benefits of UAE Setup

Europe Emirates
11 September, 2017

A booming market with facilitating infrastructure deemed to render any company a success, the UAE is a business melting pot for offshore company investors and entrepreneurs alike

The United Arab Emirates is a popular jurisdiction for setting up an offshore company. Effective asset protection, financial confidentiality, low registration cost, no red tape and secure property rights are factors that contribute to its appeal. These aspects, coupled with the country’s stable and reliable political stance have led to an increasing number of investors registering offshore companies in Dubai and other Economic Free Zones in the UAE.

From the abundant benefits offered by the UAE, the following stand out:

No Tax Burden

Till date, the UAE imposes zero tax charges on its offshore companies – which exempt them from any income tax, corporate tax, personal tax or custom duty. This enables business owners to gain full returns on their investment in the country and reap future financial benefits.


In the UAE, it is not necessary for an offshore company to hold a public record of its directors and shareholders. With key information relating to ownership structure of the company not disclosed, it ensures complete business anonymity.

Ease of Setting Up

With its fast incorporation process, the minimal time period for offshore company registration in the UAE varies between 3 to 7 days. Unlike other countries, the UAE requires only one director/ shareholder for company registration. In addition, an offshore company can also be in virtual form. It is not necessary for a business to have an office in the UAE.

Full Ownership

Different from other GCC countries, a local shareholder and partner is not required to set up an offshore company in the UAE. A director of an offshore company can be of any nationality. Further, the shareholder of the company is eligible to operate the business and subsequently own property in selected areas.

Asset Protection

For entrepreneurs with international business interests, an offshore company is a valuable vehicle for holding assets such as intellectual property or real estate investments. The asset protection offered in the UAE serves as a legal wall between creditors and the assets of the offshore business.

With companies across the globe seeking ways to take advantage of laws that protect their assets and simultaneously reduce their tax burden, the UAE is a haven for business growth with its supporting environment, state of the art infrastructure and community of likeminded opportunity seekers.

Europe Emirates Group assists you in setting up in the UAE. With our on the ground knowledge of the region, global outlook and expert support tailored to every business need, we ensure a smooth and profitable setup of your offshore company. Click here today and receive a 1 hour free consultation on the road ahead.

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Europe Emirates

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