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Maximising the benefits of Gibraltar yacht registration

Europe Emirates
19 July, 2017

As one of the world's leading specialists in offshore corporate structures and FDI, Europe Emirates Group (EEG) offer dedicated yacht registration services to individuals and companies wishing to register their vessels under another nation's flag. This comprehensive service encompasses every aspect of the process, from all of the paperwork and legal requirements through to final registration in accordance with local and internal laws.

EEG have offices in some of the highest profile points on the maritime map and offer yacht registration services in numerous global locations, from Hong Kong, Dubai and Bermuda to Dubai, Delaware and the Channel Islands. However, for British yacht owners in particular, it is Gibraltar which offers significant benefits - aspects which have long seen Europe Emirates Group particularly active in yacht registrations in this territory.

Flying the Red Ensign

Registration in Gibraltar enables the advantage of the yacht being legally owned in an offshore structure yet, since Gibraltar belongs to the British Register, still being able to fly the Red Ensign. This offers the owner the ability to transfer their vessel to or from other Red Ensign ports, not only at competitive rates, but with relative ease - and within 24 hours if required. As a result, owners benefit from operating under maritime legislation based on English Common Law but, since EU member Gibraltar sits outside the Customs Union, are unencumbered by VAT.

Under the expert guidance of EEG's dedicated maritime consultants, the process of Gibraltar registration also brings with it further benefits. Flying the Red Ensign carries not only prestige, but the reassurance of international recognition and protection that it embodies. It also enables the owner to access assistance from a worldwide network of British embassies and consulates, with all of the yacht's key information held on the Register and the Certificate of British Registry (the "Blue Book"). As this Register is a public record, open to inspection by third parties - including prospective buyers and lenders - disposal and transfer of ownership of the vessel can also be effected in a swift, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Experienced, well-connected and competitive

Highly experienced in yacht registrations in Gibraltar and other key global offshore destinations, EEG's specialists can offer owners advice on the suitability and respective advantages of each location. With an efficient and well-connected maritime department, the Group can also assure yacht owners of fast track registration, full transparency and highly competitive rates.

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