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Massachusetts slows down, but there is still hope

Healy Consultants Group PLC
19 October, 2015

Confidence levels in Massachusetts have dropped and concern is being shown by both American and foreign analysts. Many believe the sluggish business growth on a global scale is the culprit, but weak job reports within the US are the most probable reason for this lack of business confidence – in accordance to The Association Industries of Massachusetts, the business confidence dropped 1.2 points in September to 55.9.

"I contribute this slowdown in the US and particularly Massachusetts to the uncertainty in the World's engine – China” said Mr. Petar Chakarov, our financial analyst.

The Bright Side

With China slowing down, business may decide to return more heavily into strong states like Massachusetts. Multiple tax benefits are applicable to new businesses for example the full tax exemption on payroll tax for some types of entities.

Furthermore, Boston boasts an incredible start up accelerator program where businesses can compete for up to US$1.5 million in cash awards to support new ideas and better business practices.

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