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Malta ranks Third Best Country for Expatriates

GVZH Advocates
09 October, 2015

According to a recent survey published by the Wall Street Journal, Malta is the third best country for expatriates. The survey conducted by Expat Insider 2015, which interviewed 14,400 expats living in 64 countries, confirmed that Malta, a new entry to the list, came in as the third most popular country for expats.

Malta ranked high on the list because of the work-life balance people living in Malta possess. In addition to this, health care, safety, career options, cost of living, great weather, and its reputation as a little-known European tax planning destination also factored in Malta's ranking.

Ecuador retained its spot as the survey's top country again this year, and Mexico moved up to second place, from its third place position in 2014. The overall ranking was determined by a host of categories, including satisfaction with life in general, leisure options, ease of settling in, cost of education and childcare and travel options.

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