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Insurance Solution for Hong Kong Business

20 March, 2017

Hong Kong is one of the biggest financial centres in the world. It is home to many international enterprises and for more than a century, it has served as the gateway to mainland China. Furthermore, Hong Kong has the necessary expertise, facilities and information, which has made Hong Kong the largest partner of Mainland China.

In the recent years, Hong Kong has developed a massive startup scene with new companies.

Starting your own business and running your own companies may be very exciting, however there are certain risks which all fledgling the young businesses, such as issues with employees, risks of thefts, frauds and other potential incidents which could affect the company's ability.

Every entrepreneur shall consider how to manage the various risks which are startups facing to.

Luckily, there is a wide range of insurance products in Hong Kong.

These are the most commonly used insurance types:

1. Group medical Insurance

Health insurance in Hong Kong is optional and not necessarily needed. However, the high quality medical services are provided through private clinics and hospitals.

2. Professional Indemnity

Many Hong Kong companies are giving advice to customers as their main business. Professional indemnity insurance is designed to provide support to these companies in the event that a client makes a claim or files a legal suit.

3. Office packages/Office contents

Office contents and office packages insurance protect the physical assets of the company against damage, theft or loss.

This insurance is optional however we strongly encourage to obtain an office contents insurance.

4. Employees' Compensation Insurance

This is the only mandatory business insurance in Hong Kong. You can find more information at: http://www.ecirsb.com.hk/index.html

Hong Kong companies should understand and be aware of their specific risks and purchase insurance that will cover all potential risks.

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