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In which European country to expand your business?

ICD Fiduciaries
04 January, 2016

Creating an offshore company and optimize your revenue is still possible. However, you must choose the jurisdiction which will implement the structure. Indeed, the best country is not always which you think would be. In addition, also in Europe, there are several tax havens that offer attractive conditions. However, the best jurisdiction is not necessarily to be the best in the financial field. To be safe and to enjoy maximum tax benefits in the UK, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium or Liechtenstein, you should be aware that investing abroad can be risky.

What you should know before starting a business in Europe:

  • In the European region, there are laws imposing on the citizens who wish to set up their company;
  • You can establish your company, a subsidiary or branch in any EU country on condition following the statutory laws of each country;
  • The registration of the company is at least 3 working days;
  • The ease of registration of a VAT number that can be uses in whole EU territory;
  • In major jurisdictions it’s possible to realize all the steps registration formalities in an online system – what saves up the registration time.

A company established in Europe, but outside your residential country can benefit from several advantages and can serve as great structure for expense and revenue optimization. To create your entity in a foreign country, the easiest way is through a specialized firm that will handle all the paperwork and the opening of the bank account for you. ICD Fiduciaries offers full services of European company registration. But first of all – receive a consultation from an expert for the most appropriate location and type of company together with the advantages from which you will benefit.

Be wise – choose professionals and you will save your time and money!

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ICD Fiduciaries

ICD Fiduciaries is a consulting firm founded in 2006 in the UK and specializes in creating offshore companies and the opening of offshore bank accounts. www.icd-fiduciaries.com


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