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How to start a business in Wyoming?

02 January, 2020

Every day is a new opportunity for an entrepreneur to explore new areas wherein one can witness the growth of his business. Are you one of those looking for a new place where you can find business opportunities? Wyoming is the answer then. Wyoming is a state in the Western United States. Over the last ten years, Wyoming has seen unprecedented growth in the business sector.

One can easily start a business in Wyoming. Moreover, entrepreneurs or companies from other states are finding Wyoming incorporation a real asset as it aids in the growth of their business. One can also take advantage of various benefits of starting a business in Wyoming. Read more to know about such perks.

How to start a business in Wyoming

Why Wyoming?

It is but natural that when you first decide to start a business, you choose to set it up in your home state. A reason to move the company out of your home city is the environmental conditions. Wyoming has the most magnificent business-friendly tax climate, outstanding transportation options, top-ranked broadband connectivity, well-funded public education, safe neighborhoods, and abundant outdoor space and recreation opportunities. All these are a few reasons why Wyoming businesses and people thrive.

Many business facts affect Wyoming's business. Some of them are:

  • The state is also known for its low labor costs. Also, it has no corporate, inventory, or personal income taxes.
  • Wyoming is home to the largest coal mine in the world.
  • The mining industry has covered Wyoming's 29% of GDP. State and local governments serve as Wyoming's second-largest employer, while real estate, manufacturing, and logistics also have significant roles in the state's economy.
  • Wyoming ranks 12th overall in quality of life and is the 5th highest state in terms of material well-being.
  • The population is the lowest of the 50 states, with approximately 585,501 residents. Its largest city is Cheyenne, with about 64,000 residents.

Advantages of starting a business in Wyoming

A person or an organization would consider initiating Wyoming incorporation if they can behold several benefits from the state. The republic actually holds various advantages. These advantages translate into higher profits, which further aids in growth. Here is an insight into the edges of incorporation in Wyoming with regards to your home state.

1. Right to privacy

In every country, there is a rule that you cannot keep your information private. Everything related to your business has to be public. But In Wyoming, you have the Right to privacy. The state has made it more accessible for business through the Right to the privacy policy as you will not be required to file names of shareholders with the secretary of state. The lesser the information, the more the security.

2. Advantage of Tax

Wyoming has retained the title of being the most business-friendly tax system in any state for quite some time now. This is also asserted in the Tax Foundation's State Business Tax Climate Index, 2015 edition. The most significant advantage that a corporation can enjoy in the state of Wyoming is an exemption from a variety of taxes. If you set up a company in Wyoming, some of the tax advantages you can enjoy include:

  • No Personal income tax
  • No "per-capita" or business tax
  • No Inventory tax
  • No Corporate income tax
  • No Gross receipts tax

3. Non-resident

It is not necessary to be a resident of Wyoming to start a business in Wyoming. It really doesn't matter as directors, shareholders, and officers of a Wyoming corporation or members of Wyoming LLC are not required to be residents of the state. It is recommended that you must check with your local government body once so that you don't end up breaching any regulations.

4. Asset Protection

Wyoming incorporation allows you the protection of your assets. In this state, your personal property is protected from Lawsuits. Also, the LLC statutes were first instituted in the state of Wyoming in 1977. This is one of the reasons why the state has a strong asset protection policy favoring Wyoming incorporation.

How to form a Wyoming Business?

In order to set up a company in Wyoming, then all you need to do is follow specific procedures that will assist you to start a business in Wyoming. These procedures vary from state to state. You can do this by filling your article of incorporation in compliance with Wyoming Statutes 17-16-101. We also provide other related services as your registered agent in the state of Wyoming. To commence business following 7 Steps:

Step 1: Business structure

The first step is to decide on a business structure. There are 3 primary options for the construction of a business; they are DBA, a corporation, or an LLC.

  • A DBA or "Doing Business As" is not a separate structure, but just a different name than an individual or partners use as their business name.
  • A Corporation is a separate entity that has a structure that includes shareholders, directors, and officers. More complex than a DBA but the entity of choice for large companies and startups that intend to raise funding.
  • An LLC or "Limited Liability Company" is a newer type of business that is both a separate entity but provides effortless management and taxation. It doesn't require directors or officers.

Step 2: Business Name

For the incorporation of any business, the business name is an essential aspect. Hence, the first step is to identify a name that can be associated with your company and provides a picture of what you offer in terms of services or products, e.g., Teton Village Parks and Resorts. This name provides an insight into what you offer and where it is situated.

Step 3: Business registration

Each state has its own requirements for registering a business, and it is essential to register your business. Now that you've chosen a business structure and picked your name, all you need to do next is register your business.

Step 4: Get your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN or "EIN")

Your EIN is like your Social Security Number for your company. It's required for Corporations and LLC's and optional for DBA's, if you don't have any employees, then it's required. However, if you are a DBA and don't obtain an EIN, you will be forced to use your Social Security Number on many documents, so it's typically recommended you get the EIN to prevent identity theft.

Step 5: Open Company Accounts: Bank and Credit Cards

To keep business and personal expenses separate, you should open a different account for your business. Before you start a business in Wyoming, getting a business credit card is how you begin to build a company credit profile and can later qualify for more jumbo loans and lines of credit. To open the account, call your chosen bank and inquire about the steps to open a business bank account.

Step 6: Acquire all the Business Licenses and Permits

After you've registered your business name, you need to obtain a business license for your company - this authorizes your company to do business in your city or county. Registration of state taxes and permits is also involved in this process.

Step 7: Annual and Ongoing Requirements

Wyoming incorporation does not require businesses to pay an annual franchise tax. In most counties, your DBA should be valid for five years till you change your name or other information listed on the FBN, at which point it will require renewal. Wyoming LLCs are required to file an annual report on or before the first day of the month the LLC was formed, which costs a minimum of USD52. Like LLCs, Wyoming corporations must file an annual report on or before the first day of the month the LLC was formed. This costs a minimum of USD52 and may increase based on your business's revenue.

How can IncParadise help you?

One can easily Incorporate Wyoming Business via Incparadise. IncParadise can help you at every step of starting a business in Wyoming and will ensure your corporation is formed in the fastest possible time, as compared to the regular filing, which normally takes 7-10 days. We at incparadise.net have specialists on our team who can guide you towards setting up or forming LLC, Wyoming C Corporation, and Wyoming S Corporation in the shortest possible period.

We will take care of the entire process of company incorporation in Wyoming right from finding a business name, through to filing your articles of incorporation. IncParadise also provides other related services as your registered agent in the state of Wyoming.

The standard fee associated with business incorporation in Wyoming is higher than what we charge! It is because we have facilitated the Wyoming incorporation of more than 10,000 businesses, and it is never about the fees - it is all about ensuring you get the best service always. Our endeavor will always be towards providing you a service that will become the foundation stone for a long-standing relationship. For more questions regarding incorporation in Wyoming, contact us, and our incorporation specialists will help you right away!

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