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How to change your company secretary in Hong Kong?

24 April, 2020

Are you looking to appoint a company secretary for your new company in Hong Kong? Or do you already have a company secretary but aren't satisfied with their current services? Then it might be time for change.

If you have incorporated as a Hong Kong limited company, it is important to have a good company secretary. A company secretary holds your company in good standing with the government and makes sure all your company filings take place every year. The importance of a trusted company secretary is crucial for any company operating in Hong Kong, and especially true for others with international business operations.

How to change your company secretary in Hong Kong

Our team at Startupr can be your trusted company secretary. But first, you should know what a company secretary is and what their duties are. Continue reading to learn more.

What is a Hong Kong Company Secretary?

A company secretary is responsible for all the filings of the company with the Companies Registry (CR) and with the Internal Revenue Department (IRD) throughout the year. It is a must that your company secretary is a local Hong Kong person or a Hong Kong company. The director nor shareholder cannot be the company secretary.

You can appoint or change the company secretary of your company at any time. However, be sure when you change your company secretary that they have a license from the Registrar of Companies under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Ordinance ("AMLO"). Startupr is a licensed corporate service provider with TCSP license number "TC003638".

A company secretary in Hong Kong is liable for assisting you in communicating with the government and all the company's filings that comply with the rules and regulations of operating a business in Hong Kong. But don't be confused with a Hong Kong company secretary and a regular day-to-day clerk, their roles and duties are quite different.

Roles and Duties of Company Secretary

Understanding the company process, context of the company, and compliance with the law are a few ingredients of a good company secretary in Hong Kong. Above all, one must also understand the roles and responsibilities of a company secretary in Hong Kong.

A few of their duties are as below:

  1. Incorporate a Hong Kong company
  2. Trace the issuance and transfer of shares
  3. Observe any changes in the legislation and regulatory environment
  4. Consult with lawyers and auditors
  5. Provide and file the Annual Return of the company
  6. Process the deregistration of companies
  7. Maintain records of all the appointments and resignations of directors
  8. Provide a registered office address for receipt of government mail
  9. Assist the company on issues like bankruptcy and liquidation
  10. Attend other statutory corporate compliance issues

A company secretary acts as a bridge between the company and the government. A company secretary in Hong Kong is one who saves the company from delay in submitting and filing documents to the government, which may lead to penalties and possible court summons of the company later on. In case your company secretary is not able to fulfill all the duties of your company, then sadly it's time to change your company secretary.

Signs you may have a bad company secretary

A bad company secretary will surely give you more headaches and stress than it's worth. If an organization's company secretary is careless in its obligations, the company's director is at risk for their mistakes. Ultimately, the director of the company is accountable to ensure that the company secretary has accomplished the duties of the company.

Below are a few reasons why you may want to change your Hong Kong company secretary:

  • Your company secretary is too slow and non-communicative, leading to government penalties.
  • They provide ambiguous advice and don't respond promptly to your questions (At Startupr, we strive to promptly respond to your inquiries)
  • They don't have reliable guidance and advice about the regulatory requirements for your business.
  • You are going through a fast and steep period of growth and need someone that can grow with you.

It is fundamental to pick a company secretary or corporate service provider that does not get the details lost in the shuffle and can inform you of all the compliance and regulatory requirements for your company.

Regardless of the reasons, Startupr will help you in managing your company needs. We will review the present status of your organization and see what steps are required to get your organization in good standing. After this you can switch to Startupr so we can help to get your company back on track.

Benefits of Startupr as a company secretary

We know that an experienced company secretary is key for any organization when dealing with compliance matters and important government filings. Startupr knows all the processes and rules of Hong Kong to set up and scale up your business. In fact, we pride ourselves in providing a straightforward, effective, reliable, and highly efficient method for your company.

Being a professional licensed company secretary in Hong Kong with a TCSP license number "TC003638", our goal is to offer the best solutions to clients as per their needs and requirements. We help company directors in pursuing their strategic aims of the company and that their company's objectives comply with Hong Kong law.

Startupr also has a unique online software system, Backoffice, to help maintain all of our clients important company details and manage their company filings. This system allows companies to know exactly when to file their company documents to the government, and any other compliance issues to get them in good standing with the Hong Kong government.

Sign up today and start taking advantage of all the benefits of our Backoffice system.

When you choose Startupr as your company secretary, we will remind you of:

  • We remind you to renew the Business Registration Certificate 1-2 months prior to the due date
  • We will help you to file the Annual General Meeting (AGM) that must be held within 18 months of incorporation.
  • Notify you about due dates for each company filing
  • File the Annual Return (NAR1), which includes the list of directors & shareholders. This must be filed within 42 days of the anniversary of the incorporation date.
  • Provide mail forwarding and business address services to help you with receiving and sending mail for your Hong Kong company.

With years of experience in this field, Startupr provides high quality one-stop-shop services for all your company needs as your trusted company secretary in Hong Kong.

How to change your company secretary to Startupr?

When you're searching for a high quality service provider to help deal with the documentation needs of your organization, changing your company secretary is normal. Here we'll cover how to change the company secretary to us. First and foremost, we will assist with checking if your organization is in good standing with the government and what documents are required to get your organization up to speed.

Just follow the simple guidelines as below:

  • Request our status as your Company Secretary
  • Give us your company details and we will do a review of your organization and verify whether all the company filings are up to date. If not, we will inform you regarding what you have to file
  • We then prepare documents for changing your registered company secretary. As a company director, you will need to approve and sign the relevant forms. This can also be sent as a digital or hard copy
  • After this, we will replace the recorded secretary for your company, and file the necessary documents to the government to make it official

Contact us today at Startupr for any further information or questions you may have for how to change your company secretary.


With many years of experience in the field of company formation and secretary services, you can rely on us to provide high quality corporate solutions and follow up with your company needs. Startupr has served as a trusted company secretary in Hong Kong for over a thousand companies and continually strive to assist our clients with straightforward and efficient company services. Get the best services and contact Startupr today!

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