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How to Choose the Best State to Incorporate your Business?

02 August, 2019

Thinking about incorporating a company this season? Incorporating and registering a business is a pretty smart way to limit individual liabilities by establishing a separate business entity. Whether you want to register an S-corp, C-corp, or an LLC, each one of the business vehicles will bring benefits for your business.

Once you are done with the decision of making your structure that will reap most benefits toward your organization, you will need to decide where to incorporate your enterprise.

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Every state has its own rules and regulations in terms of filing fees, corporation laws, tax responsibilities, and legal system. It is not mandatory to incorporate your business in the state where you work or live in; it all depends upon your business objectives.

Several people think that they are better off registering their business in a "business-friendly" state like Delaware, while others believe that "tax-free" state like Nevada would be the best option for their business.

But if your business involves face-to-face business, a restaurant, a landscaping company with a service area only located in one state, etc, then it is generally best to register in your own home state. But if your business involves online work or has engaged customers in more than one state, then it might be worth for you to register it in another state.

If you are struggling with this dilemma, which state you should choose for incorporating your business, then this article will help you to collect the exact information to make your decision more promptly and effectively.

What are the Factors to Consider for choosing the best state for incorporating your business?

Here are some factors that you need to consider for choosing the best state for incorporating your business.


The first and foremost factor that you need to concentrate before selecting any state for the incorporation of your business is taxation. It is that critical factor which can make or break your business. Because the less you pay for your taxes, the more your business can manage to have running costs and profits. After incorporating your business, you are required to pay taxes like -

  • State income taxes,
  • Corporation taxes,
  • and Franchise taxes.

If you are thinking of launching an S-corporation structure, then you will need to pay state income taxes because owners pay taxes through their personal income taxes based on their distributive share of ownership.

C-corporation have to pay corporation taxes, while LLC might be affected by either type of taxes. On the other hand, the franchise taxes are for those business owners who want to take the privilege of operating and existing within a state that recognizes these types of taxes.

And if you are hunting for the best states where you can incorporate your business without worrying about the taxation, then Nevada, Wyoming, and South Dakota all rank high for best tax laws. The reason is that these states don't compose any corporate or state income taxes. But in order to gain the maximum advantage for taxation, you need to operate within those states.

Let's suppose, if you might incorporate your business over those states which offer the tax benefits, you will still be subject to the tax laws of that state. You need to make sure that you are selecting the best business structure and best state to incorporate your business.

As a matter of fact, the District of Columbia has some of the highest personal and corporate income taxes in the country. So, your business could possibly lose enough money while paying the taxes.

Therefore, just make a rough picture of your company's projected revenue for its first few years of existence and then evaluate states in terms of the exact amount of taxes required, to see if there may be an advantage.

Formation Fees

As soon as you understand the tax responsibilities of a particular state, the next thing you need to consider is about the formation fees. In some states, you need to submit ample money, while other states don't impose hefty charges in the name of company formation.

Company formation charges are the one-time fees that you need to pay to the states when you apply to establish your business there. As every country has its own taxation rules, similarly, every state has its own filing fees. And if you want to figure out the most current requirements on each state's, then you should visit Secretary of State website.

Moreover, you also need to hire a professional so that you can have a registered business address or assist you in filing and handling every paperwork. Therefore, you have to write all the factors in a sheet before deciding to incorporate your business in the best state so that you will not end up to pay the highest amount of money.

And if you are thinking or counting every penny during startup, the formation fee may be a huge deal. But still, it's also only a one-time fee, so the long-term effects on your bottom line are minimal.

Annual Filing Fees

Well, the formation fees are just the beginning of the costs which is required to incorporate your business. After setting up the business in a particular state, you will need to file a one-page report with a filing fee, every year, which will depend upon the state. In addition to the tax rates, states also vary in terms of the filing fees associated with setting and operating a corporation.

Even though several entrepreneurs believe that they can save their enough hard-earned money by incorporating in a state like Nevada with low filing fees, they forgot that they still will end up paying their home state's filing fees anyways, whether they are conducting their business in another state.

And in fact, there are many cases when several people end up paying hefty penalties for operating their business before foreign qualifying in the state. To be more precise, a company will end up also paying maintenance fees where they conduct their business, so there's not much advantage in choosing a state of incorporation based on the filing fees.

Legal System

While selecting the best state for incorporating your business, you are also required to pay attention to the legal system of a particular state. The corporate laws in a state can affect the experience of setting up a business over there. For instance, Delaware is known to have the best business laws in the country.

Because of the court of Chancery, which literally hears the corporate case laws in spite of the jury of citizens. That's why most of the entrepreneurs choose Delaware as their business location in order to gain the maximum advantages.

In Delaware, the corporate cases are handled more quickly and more efficiently there and you don't need to wait for your case to be seen on a general docket. Moreover, Delaware has been known as the most corporate-friendly state in the country. So, you don't have to worry about legal system problems while setting up the business in Delaware.

In fact, due to this particular section, Delaware Division of Corporations also claims to be home to 66 percent of the country's Fortune 500 companies. In addition to Delaware, Nevada, and Wyoming are also becoming well-known for the same legal benefits for the corporation.

How can IncParadise help you?

By now that you should have got a perfect idea about the factors to be considered before choosing the best state for incorporating your business. Since every state has its own rules and regulations, and even providing business owners, the benefits of incorporating their business, therefore, make your mind before choosing any place.

Because the best state to incorporate will definitely depend upon the objectives and goals of your business. If you are looking for investors or considering your legal options, then the legal structure will be the most important factor. For this case, you should consider Delaware for setting up the business.

On the other hand, if you are worried about the taxation system, then Nevada would be the best choice of yours. What's more, the place where you can get several benefits that will aid in the growth of their business.

Whether you want to set up your business in Nevada, Wyoming or Delaware, IncParadise will help you to handle all the operations. We will help you to put the foundation of your business by assisting you in registering and incorporating process. Our team of experts will help you by doing the incorporations right, quickly and professionally.


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