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How a virtual office can help your Hong Kong small business?

08 February, 2021

The newest trend these days is working from home. There are a majority of employees who are forced to work from home due to the global pandemic. There are many already doing this before the pandemic. Hong Kong is one of the best places for operating global business smoothly and effectively. Setting up a virtual office in Hong Kong allows you to work from anywhere.

Besides having excellent taxation laws and an East-Meets-West culture, Hong Kong has a worldwide reputation for being a major metropolitan city to do international business. A miracle tool that will help you increase the remote worker's productivity, versatility, and happiness are virtual offices. The digital era has blessed the latest trend of working and is hiring remote workers remotely. The newest trend of working remotely has its own benefits both for the employee and the worker. But before getting all the benefits that remote working has to offer, it is important to understand the exact meaning of virtual office and then build a remote team.

How a virtual office can help your Hong Kong small business?

Virtual Office for a Hong Kong Business

In case you are considering building up a business in Hong Kong, you must be aware of virtual office spaces. A virtual office allows entrepreneurs to initiate a company in Hong Kong without being physically present there. This might sound impossible to many, but it isn't. Virtual offices are now becoming the first choice for SMEs and various business ventures which operate primarily in Hong Kong.

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is a service that allows business operators to work from anywhere in the world with the help of their computers. A virtual office is one that allows numerous business functions like business address, web-hosting services, answering services, web-hosting services, mail services, fax services, and courier services to other business ventures.

A virtual office in Hong Kong is the one that will help you strengthen and sustain a professional business image in preferred locations. All this is possible without paying any rent that a business operator usually has to pay for an actual physical office space. All the essential mail will be delivered to your virtual office address. This address is considered as the main address of the company and can be used to receive all the essential documents for the company.

In case you are planning to build a virtual office in Hong Kong, you can enjoy the following facilities.

  • The mailing address of the company
  • Courier and mail forwarding services
  • Registered address which is required for receiving important government mail
  • Corporate voice mailboxes.
  • Video conferencing

All the above-mentioned facilities are considered as the ones that will allow you to build a virtual office. The best part about virtual offices is that they will enable you to work from anywhere in the world with the comfort of using your devices and still taking advantage of the professional image.

How virtual offices help your Hong Kong business?

Now that you understand the meaning of virtual office, the next thing you need to do is figure out how they can help you and your Hong Kong Business. Make sure you ask this question to yourself: is a virtual office the right choice for your business?

It is important to create and maintain a professional image in order to have a successful business. Renting a physical office space can definitely add to your financial burden. The work environment of a virtual office is quite different from the traditional office setup. In a traditional office system, the office space is equipped, leased, and manned. Whereas in a virtual office, no such thing is done. This kind of office is the best choice in case you have a tight budget when you are starting up your business.

A virtual office in Hong Kong can be used for the company's official work, such as obtaining agreements, invoices, business agreements, and other critical business mail. Once these documents are received, the mail can be forwarded to you at another address. This process is termed mail forwarding, and this comes with the virtual office service. In case you want to sign up for these kinds of services, you must hire a professional. Startupr is one such company that provides mail forwarding and virtual office addresses.

Essential Requirements for Remote Employees

Many important requirements are to be followed in case you are planning to set up a virtual office for remote workers in Hong Kong. It is mandatory that all remote workers have a computer with basic software tools and project collaboration software. All the remote workers need basic computers, software tools, and project collaboration software. So, all the companies that dream of operating their offices virtually have to manage these requirements to have faultless collaboration between office and remote workers.

Why Use Virtual Offices for Remote Teams?

The need to use virtual offices is becoming more and more familiar with the ongoing global pandemic. The deadly virus has forced many big companies to work from home. Another significant benefit of virtual offices is that they are becoming the optimal solution for modern entrepreneurs, with the most significant problem being the cost of the rent. It does not matter the type of business you are operating; you ought to pay a monthly fee to work under a roof. But the moment you think of engaging with remote workers for your business, virtual offices are a great option. There are numerous benefits that virtual offices bring to employees and employers. Below are some benefits of using a virtual office for your remote team:

#1 Sustain a Work and Life Balance

The first and most crucial benefit of using a virtual office for remote workers is that it helps in maintaining a work-life balance. People struggle to maintain a work-life balance due to long-office hours and additional commuting hours. Half of the time is wasted in commuting in a traditional office. Many people choose this remote working style due to flexible working hours. They don't have to travel and be present at physical office space to work.

#2 Improved Productivity

With less stress of traveling, the worker's productivity is improved. Virtual offices help in keeping the workers motivated and empowered. They are not judged by the working hours when they work remotely but how much productive they are for the company. It is a result-based system. As long as the company is receiving the results, there shouldn't be any problem.

#3 Communication Matters

Luckily, with the exposure of digitalization and communication tools, there are numerous ways that virtual offices can provide to stay in touch with the worker. Various communication tools such as Slack and other video conferencing tools like Zoom are used majorly as a source of communications and meetings. These tools help in making the communication between employees a lot easier without being physically present in a specific location.

#4 Flexibility and Diversity

Another major benefit that workers can enjoy while working from a virtual office is flexibility and diversity. Virtual offices typically offer the flexibility to work from a new location without even traveling. This type of work also encourages diversity within the workforce, where people are no longer restricted based on site.

Hong Kong has a friendly business environment and starting a business in Hong Kong is easy and straightforward. Startupr is a virtual office provider in Hong Kong. Feel free to contact them and build the company of your dreams now!

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