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Hong Kong Private Company Post-Incorporation

01 June, 2016

You have successfully registered your limited company in Hong Kong. What should you expect now?

There are several things you will have to deal with and you can do so either:

  1. at the first directors' meetings; or
  2. you can write a resolution of directors (if permitted by the Articles of the company)

What needs to be sorted out at the meeting of directors/by the resolution of directors:

  1. Appointment of chairman – chairman of the company shall be appointed in the Articles
  2. Appointment of directors – the first directors of the company are named in NNCI Form (or NNC1G Form). Consent to act as a company director needs to be signed by the directors in the incorporation form.

Otherwise, the NNC3 Form must be signed by the respective directors and filed with the Companies Registry in Hong Kong within 15 days from the incorporation date.

  1. Appointment of Company Secretary – company secretary must be either a Hong Kong resident or a company incorporated in Hong Kong. The particulars of the company secretary must be reported to the Companies Registry.
  2. Financial Year & Accounting reference date – the company can choose any date as the accounting reference date. Find out more about the accounting requirements here.
  3. Certificate of Incorporation – at the first meeting of directors, the certificate of incorporation shall be tabled to evidence the incorporation. Also, the certificate of incorporation should be kept in the company's permanent records file.
  4. Registered office – every company incorporated in Hong Kong must have a registered address in Hong Kong.

Trademark – the registration of the company doesn’t confer trademark protection on the name, therefore the company needs to check if the trademark or other intellectual property protection should be arranged.

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