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Hong Kong Limited Company Statutory Books

14 July, 2016

Under the Company Ordinance every private limited company incorporated in Hong Kong must maintain certain information.

The company may keep the information at several places:

  • at the principal place of business
  • at the registered office
  • at other places, however the directors shall approve it

Some of the information is available to the public and some information only to members or creditors of the company.

The directors are responsible for maintaining the company's statutory as well as non-statutory books and for keeping the documents up-to-date.  Moreover, officers of the company are personally liable for failure to maintain the statutory books.

Company records

This is a list of the documents that a private limited company must maintain:

  • register of members
  • register of directors and secretaries
  • accounting records
  • minute books
  • written notice of sole member (if applicable)
  • register of debenture holders (if applicable)
  • register of charges and copies of all charging instruments

Besides the above documents companies usually maintain also non-statutory books:

  • register of transfers
  • register of important documents (e.g. Articles of the company, licenses, the company lease, etc.)

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