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Hong Kong Company Secretary

01 August, 2016

Every company incorporated in Hong Kong is required to appoint at least one company secretary, but not the type of secretary who answers the phone or does the clerical work.

The company secretary in responsible for the company's compliance with its statutory duties.  Therefore, the company secretary is required to have specific qualifications, experience and knowledge.

Requirements and qualifications

The company secretary must:

  • be A Hong Kong resident or a body corporate having its registered office or place of business in Hong Kong
  • be selected and appointed at a board meeting
  • have acceptable qualifications. It may be a professional accountant; member of the Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries; a barrister or solicitor.
  • have training hours on an annual basis

Duties and Responsibilities

The key role of a company secretary is to unsure that board procedures are followed.
The company secretary acts as a chief administration officer and must have a clear understanding of the provisions of the Company Ordinance and of the Articles of the company.

The company secretary must:

  • make sure that the registers required to be kept established and maintained
  • organize and attend directors' and shareholders' meetings
  • prepare agendas of meetings, meeting minutes
  • ensure that all statutory returns are filed with the Registrar within the prescribed time
  • ensure that the company comply with compliance and tax requirements
  • supervise the issue of share capital
  • handle share transfers and transmission of shares and forfeiture of shares
  • comply with instructions of the directors


A company secretary is named in the incorporation forms which are submitted to the Registrar.

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