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Healy Consultants applauds the positive business initiatives in South Asia

Healy Consultants Group PLC
28 August, 2015

Last year has been marked with positive news from two South Asian Countries, namely India and Malaysia.

India, as a booming manufacturing giant aimed to attract foreign investment via decreased red tape and optimized business setup process, while Malaysia further promoted the cooperation with its global strategic partners. These steps and initiatives aimed to boost entrepreneurial spirit in various sectors, incubate innovation and promote modern learning practices.

Make in India

The encouraging project, called "Make in India" proves as a great cornerstone of the Prime Minister's investment attraction program and has been nominated by KPMG as one of the World's top 100 "most innovative global projects". The project's main focus is to create an almost 1,500 km manufacturing corridor called "Dedicated Railway Freight Corridor" (DFC) in India. But what are the benefits for foreign investors?

The Indian ruling Government aims to introduce a single business portal similar to other efficient jurisdictions, and consequently facilitate the setup and servicing of multiple new manufacturing plants. This idea targets larger corporations interested in moving from China to India, as well as global SMEs.

Malaysia's growing ties with UK

Malaysia takes pride in its improvements on the bilateral cooperation scene. The country's plan of becoming a developed economy by 2020, is supported by its peers, including UK, EU, Cameroon and other states. A delegation led by the UK's Prime Minister and other representatives visited Kuala Lumpur and discussed how to improve Malaysia's competitiveness on a global scale.

Both the Malaysian and UK leaders confirmed the driving force of change in the South-East Asian country should be education. There are more than 17,000 Malay students enrolling in UK educational centres, which prove the strong notion and potency of the country's workforce.

2016 has been marked "the year of education" in Malaysia which aims to strengthen the education platforms in and out of the country, creating a higher quality workforce, and resulting in a stronger economy.

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