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Hands Off The Poor, Starving Tax Lawyers!

Jeremy Hetherington-Gore Unleashed
19 November, 2007

Congress and the Treasury are up in arms about the patenting of tax strategies. Why? What is wrong with the idea that I should pay a fee to an attorney in Peoria if she has been clever enough to think of a new way to stop the IRS taking my money?

Is there a distinction between paying to use an intricate (and legal) method of tax planning and paying to use a piece of software that fills in my tax return form? The Treasury has no problem with paying for tax preparation, whether it is done by man or machine, so where is the issue with patents for intellectual tax strategies?

This is just an atavistic feeling that somehow non-insiders should not be allowed to tinker with the mechanics of tax collection. 'They' think of it as their money, not ours, so to them it somehow feels wrong that someone other than the tax collectors should profit from the process of tax collection.

Well, on that basis, all Medicaid practitioners should work for free, as should lobbyists, and, of course and in particular, Congressmen. So put that in your pipes and smoke it, Messrs. Baucus and Grassley. It is a particular shock to see a Republican sponsoring such an illiberal and anti-market measure. Where did he learn his economics?


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