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Good reasons for choosing to create an offshore company in Panama

ICD Fiduciaries
18 January, 2016

Upon a decision of which jurisdiction to choose as the most appropriate destinations for offshore company, there are many factors that need to be viewed. This decision may be quite difficult one, mostly because there are several tax haven jurisdictions with 0% tax; therefore we will introduce you with one of the considerable possibilities as a good choice.

Panama as an offshore destination

Panama is now among the most popular offshore destinations and it’s understandable. Primarily this country has an attractive tax system for non-residents. Indeed, offshore companies that do not engage in any activities in the territory of Panama exempts from corporate income tax on profits and on any capital gains. In addition, it benefits also from the banking secrecy and optimum privacy. In fact, shareholders are not required to enroll in the registry of Panamanian companies which means that shareholder identity is protected and there are no requirements regarding accounting. All these matters are important reasons for choosing this jurisdiction as your destination where to create a legal entity.

Considering these benefits, the creation of an offshore company in Panama is ideal for:

  • All entrepreneurs,
  • E-commerce business,
  • Independent consultants,
  • International commerce,
  • The stock brokers and forex traders.

How to create an offshore company in Panama?

Next step after the choice of destination is the company registration. Like any other major project, the creation of an offshore company in Panama involves several steps. First and foremost, the investor must provide and arrange all the administrative documents required for the incorporation of the company. It must also choose the status and name of the offshore company. Just then, the development of society and the opening of its bank account.

For the successful creation of the offshore company, the most convenient way is to be assisted by a professional in this field. Different firms are now specializing in offshore company incorporation in Panama and ICD Fiduciaries is one of them, who support the different legal and administrative procedures for the entity creation and opening of the bank account. Comparing with other company creation service provider, ICD Fiduciaries provides consultation of the most suitable choice on each case individually and professional assistance through all the process and even after then.

To find more information, visit the website and request a free consultation: http://www.icd-fiduciaries.com/en.

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ICD Fiduciaries

ICD Fiduciaries is a consulting firm founded in 2006 in the UK and specializes in creating offshore companies and the opening of offshore bank accounts. www.icd-fiduciaries.com


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