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Geolocation -- the greatest thing since sliced bread?

First Atlantic Commerce
16 July, 2007

Many ecommerce providers seem to have jumped on the IP Geolocation bandwagon lately and are offering geolocation solutions in various forms to online businesses. And rightly so.

IP geolocation evaluates an ecommerce transaction based on the geography of the customer's browser, enabling merchants to view the customer's location including country, city, ISP, etc. This is great stuff! Why?

This information can be used for marketing purposes -- to push content advertising to a targeted consumer audience or monitor and determine ROI of location specific ad campaigns.

And it can be used to protect your bottom line. When used for Geo Risk data monitoring purposes, for example, you can block restricted and high card fraud countries as well as habitual chargeback offenders from repeatedly visiting your website.

Geoblocking can also be utilised by businesses from a regulatory and compliance perspective to show compliance with licensing authorities and regulations across different jurisdictions.

First Atlantic Commerce's (FAC) geolocation services stand out from our competitors' services, however, because we offer the service in a simple "pay-as-you-go" model together with (or independent from) our payment solutions and other data management services.

Merchants get the service for a fraction of the cost of boxed solutions and our solution allows them to focus on marketing strategies, not the implementation of complicated IP Geo software. Plus merchants can connect and get started within a matter of days.

We provide a simple solution for gathering marketing and licensing compliance data. Check it out at www.firstatlanticcommerce.com or contact us via tlineshill@fac.bm.


About the Author

First Atlantic Commerce

First Atlantic Commerce (FAC) is a leading, international online payments, and fraud and data management solutions provider. Headquartered in Bermuda, a leading financial, insurance and reinsurance centre, and founded in 1998, FAC provides multi-currency, payment processing and risk management solutions for Internet merchants and Acquiring banks around the world. www.firstatlanticcommerce.com


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