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Forming a Wyoming LLC? Everything you need to know

19 October, 2018

Are you looking to locate to Wyoming and want to open a business here? But confused about which type of business entity you want to open? Being located in the Western part of the US in the mountain area, there are a lot of small business opportunities in Wyoming. Well, it is one of the best states to begin a company in, by Business Insider due to the excellent record of business survival, business-friendly tax climate and high volume of entrepreneurs. In short, to start a business in Wyoming is the best choice for every new coming entrepreneur.

Wyoming is a place of staggering natural beauty, as one of the most massive, most open and least-densely populated areas in the country. In fact, the state is the home of two national parks, monuments, rich forests, and historic sites as well as has a population of just over half a million people.

So, if you want to start your startup in Wyoming and want to enjoy all the benefits of setting up your business venture, one of the best ways to do so is by forming an LLC. Forming an LLC in Wyoming offers protection on the assets of the liability limited while also allowing its profits to be taxed in the manner of a sole proprietorship business entity.

Before digging into the benefits of forming an LLC in Wyoming, let's look at the history of the LLC.


As a matter of fact, the Wyoming legislature was the first in the country to permit individuals to create LLCs or limited liability companies in an attempt to make oil investment easier in the state. Because of its status as the first state authorizing the creation of LLCs, the remaining states moved to pass similar laws for attracting more and more investors to their countries. While all states now have their forms of the LLC, Wyoming remains a trendy place to file as an LLC, since the business laws and climate are quite favorable to such companies.

Well, Wyoming Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) are the business entities which are designed for the small-sized and medium-sized businesses and startups. Forming a Wyoming LLC is a straightforward process, fast, and inexpensive and offers many of the advantages and protections of large corporations without all the rules, regulations and compliance issues common to larger business entities.

What is an LLC?

Before forming an LLC in Wyoming, all the entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs should know about the LLC and its benefits associated with it in order to enjoy the maximum advantages. An LLC is a filing status that splits the difference between a corporation and a sole proprietorship though, oddly, an LLC may be either of those things as well, depending on the jurisdiction it is filed.

As a matter of the fact that LLCs are taxed as the same way of sole proprietorships in that the owners include any company profits or losses into their personal returns, the LLC itself does not owe income taxes. In short, LLCs use "pass-through" taxation, where profits from the business count directly as income on the tax returns of the owners which help to prevent double-dip taxation. And the company owes taxes on the benefits and then the owners owe taxes again on their share of the money.

Furthermore, LLCs gains the liability shielding similar to that of a corporation when it comes to financial responsibilities. In an LLC, owners and managers are not usually personally accountable for the financial status of the business.

Let's start by looking at the benefits of forming a Wyoming LLC.

Advantages of Forming Wyoming LLC

As the birthplace of the LLC, with a business-friendly tax climate, Wyoming is an excellent home for any new company, especially an LLC. Here are some reasons for those entrepreneurs who are seeking to form an LLC in Wyoming.

  • In Wyoming, there is a lack of informational tax return requirements.
  • LLCs are very easy to manage, the general administration is fast and easy, and there is no state tax at all for either individuals or corporations and no citizenship requirements.
  • Minimal paperwork and fees are required to form and maintain an LLC, only $100 is required to file.
  • Wyoming does not require LLCs to have an operating agreement at the time of formation, allowing businesses to register first and then work out the arrangements later.
  • Wyoming does not require the manager nor the members of a Wyoming LLC to be listed on a public database.
  • In Wyoming, a Domestic Asset Protection Trust lets company owners place their ownership stakes into trusts to a second party, protecting them against any future creditors.
  • A Wyoming LLC survives its owners if they pass away, making them a way to pool and use assets that carry on into the future easily.
  • Wyoming LLCs have special protection from charging order laws, wherein the creditors of LLC owners and members are not able to force the owners into selling company assets to satisfy personal debts. This protection is not in place in many jurisdictions.
  • LLCs operating out of Wyoming can operate more anonymously than in other states, and non-US Residents can manage them.
  • Wyoming allows the transfer of out of state LLCs into the country quickly.
  • The Annual Report License Tax is $50 for any company with holdings less than $250,000 and $0.0002 per dollar of assets over $250,000 in the state. Beyond this, the state asks for a report every year.

Disadvantages of Forming LLC in Wyoming

Well, there is the endless reason for forming an LLC in Wyoming, but no corporate organization is excellent, and there are several things to consider whether Wyoming LLC is the best formation for your startup. The first thing to think is the life of your startups, Corporations can live forever, whereas an LLC is dissolved when a member dies or undergoes bankruptcy.

Secondly, the living situation of the owner or owners. Other states might not be interested in the laws of Wyoming when considering the effects of a business run by someone maintaining a primary residence within their borders. Business owners with plans to take their company public, or issuing employee shares in the future, may be best served by choosing a corporate business structure. So it's always advisable to consider all the factors while deciding how to organize your company in the competitive business world.


As a matter of the fact that there's a reason, why the LLC is the most popular business structure in Wyoming among most of the entrepreneurs and business professional. A wide variety of companies dramatically appreciates the flexible structure, and the taxation options of Wyoming while incorporating their business in the US.


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