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Form a Wyoming Corporation - Guide

30 November, 2020

Have you decided to incorporate a business in Wyoming yet uncertain how to begin? Or Are you planning to form a corporation in Wyoming? If yes, this article will guide you through discussing Wyoming's corporate filing, maintenance requirements, and much more. Researching the state's regulations is a smart idea if you are planning to form a corporation in Wyoming. For example, Wyoming corporations must pay a yearly report license tax dependent on estimating the resources they own in the state.

There are two ways to start a corporation in Wyoming:

  • You can begin a Wyoming corporation by following the steps. OR
  • Hire a professional, great deal by saving yourself time and frustration.

Either way, you'll pay $100 to file your Articles of Incorporation. That's how much the state charges.

Form a Wyoming Corporation - Guide

What is a Wyoming Corporation?

To get familiar with Wyoming's corporate documentation and other related work to open a Wyoming corporation, you must know what Wyoming corporation is. A Wyoming enterprise makes a substitute character for entrepreneurs (investors). A Wyoming company is driven by promulgating Articles of Incorporation, a bunch of announcements made by the incorporator giving the capacity to shape an alternate identity on behalf of the shareholder, subsequently making a Wyoming corporation. The incorporator must present the Articles of Incorporation with the Wyoming Secretary of State.

How to form a Wyoming Corporation?

In order to form an organization in Wyoming, there is a short and simple process that is accomplished by filing the Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State. In the guide beneath, we will guide you step by step, the best way to begin an enterprise in Wyoming.

Step 1: Decide the name of the corporation

The first and foremost thing required when you form a Wyoming corporation in Wyoming is the corporation's name. While naming your Wyoming corporation, you will need to:

  1. Follow Wyoming Name requirements and comply with Wyoming state law.
  2. Complete a Name Search With the Wyoming Secretary of State and ensure that the name is not currently registered with the Secretary of the state.
  3. Consider Securing a Domain Name (URL)

There are certain name requirements for opening an organization in Wyoming, which are mentioned below.

  • The name can't suggest that the enterprise is framed for any unlawful reason or not delineated in its consolidation articles.
  • It would help if you had an approval from the state Division of Banking to incorporate any of the accompanying words: bank, financier, banc, Bancorp, Bancorporation, Banque, banco, trust, etc.
  • It would be best if you had approval from the state Department of Education to incorporate any of the accompanying words: foundation, school, teach, instruction, instructive, establishment, organization, school, or college.
  • The Wyoming Secretary of State requires an extra survey of names that start with the letter "A," trailed by a space and punctuation, contain unique characters, or are in a language other than English.
  • Your name must be recognizable from any current business in the state. This incorporates Wyoming saved names.

To determine if your Corporation name is already in use, we recommend doing a Business Name Search. Note that regardless of whether a name is recorded as accessible, the Secretary of State may dismiss your name. The Secretary of State is the last expert on the accessibility and affirmation of your organization's name.

Step 2: Select a Wyoming registered agent

The next step is to choose the Wyoming registered agent. You will be asked to submit your Wyoming registered agent's name when you document your Wyoming Articles of Incorporation. A registered agent is an individual or element that acknowledges charge and authoritative records in an LLC or company's interest. Your registered agent can be an individual who is an inhabitant of the state or an organization that is legitimately approved to speak to organizations in Wyoming. It is important that all registered agents have a physical address within the state. This address will serve as a registered office. The service of the process will be delivered to the registered agent at this address by the process servers.

Complete the Wyoming Consent to Appointment Form

Wyoming's registered agents must agree to their arrangement in a written form. The Statement of consent ought to include:

  • The name of the enterprise.
  • Name of the individual designated as a registered expert.
  • Signature of a registered expert.
  • Date of execution

The Statement of consent must be documented with the Secretary of State. It is connected to the Articles of Incorporation structure given by the state. It very well may be filled via mail alongside the Articles of Incorporation or recorded independently on the off chance that you fill your organization's Articles of Incorporation on the web.

Step 3: Number and class of offers the partnership will have the position to issue

A Wyoming Corporation approves and gives portions of Stock to its investors or shareholders, which is how the Corporation's ownership is determined. On the off chance that you own shares of the organization's Stock, you are an owner. Stock is first approved on the Articles of Incorporation. It would be best if you settled on a total number of portions of approval. When the Wyoming Corporation is framed, you will have an underlying investors meeting, and Stock will be given to investors. You are not needed to provide the entirety of the Stock that has been approved.

Consider Authorized Stock a pie. The absolute number of Authorized Stock makes up the entire pie. At the point when you give out Stock to investors, you are giving out Issued Stock. Given Stock resembles cuts of the pie. You give out a specific number of cuts. However, you can likewise save amounts for some other time.

There are two Classes of Stock: Common Stock and Preferred Stock. Regular Stock assigns proprietorship and an essential democratic right at investor gatherings. Favored Stock accompanies unique advantages, which you should choose if you need to approve any. You don't need to approve something besides Common Stock.

Step 4: Pick Your Wyoming Corporation's Initial Directors.

It would be best if you chose, in any event, one chief who, in addition to other things, will regulate your Wyoming company until the primary investor meeting. The directors of an enterprise are accountable for the appropriation, change, and cancelation of the operational standing rules just as the oversight, political decision, and officials' removal. Later, you should set up an "Incorporator Statement" with every chief's complete names and addresses and keep it in your corporate records book.

Step 4: File the Articles of Incorporation

Now that you have chosen a registered agent and at least one Director, it's time to make your corporation official by filing the Articles of Incorporation with the Wyoming Secretary of State.

The Articles of Incorporation will disclose some basics of your business for the public record, including:

  • Corporate name and address
  • Corporate registered agent name and street address
  • Number and class of authorized shares corporation is allowed to issue
  • Incorporators' names and addresses
  • Email address

Filing Fee: $100

Filing Options

You can submit the completed Articles of Incorporation and Consent to Appointment by Registered Agent form, along with the filing fee, using one of two options:


Wyoming Secretary of State

Herschler Building East, Suite 101

122 W 25th Street

Cheyenne, WY 82002-0020



Online: Wyoming Secretary of State Business Center

Follow the mentioned steps carefully to set up the Corporation. In case keeping your information out of the public record is essential to you, Wyoming is the best state to incorporate in. Privacy here is real and backed up by the law. Feel free to contact IncParadise if you feel stuck in between. As mentioned above, the information might actually give a pathway to form a Wyoming corporation and clear the doubt you have on how to start the process of building a Wyoming Corporation.

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