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Five Reasons Why You Should Open a Business in Malta

Welcome Center Malta
09 November, 2018

Starting a business in Malta can be a very exciting experience. Apart from all the business-related benefits, which will be explored in this article, the island boasts a high quality of life, safety and an unbeatable climate. In this article, we will give you five significant reasons why you should consider starting a business in Malta.

Attractive Tax Schemes

The first impression of the corporate tax rate in Malta is deemed to be quite high, at 35%. This however, can be deducted to as low as an effective tax rate of 5 - 7%. This is usually done by allocating your profits to a holding company abroad. Some of the most popular countries include, Cyprus and Gibraltar.

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Lower Minimum Wage

One of the benefits of starting a business in Malta, is that the average wages are not as high as most surrounding countries. This can dramatically increase day to day costs for your business and be able to invest them into growing the business.

Low Share Capital

If you are looking into registering a limited liability company, the share capital required is relatively quite low. The minimum amount required stands at only EUR1,165. Furthermore, out of this amount, only 20% is required to be in the corporate bank account, therefore, less physical money is required to start the business.

Discover the steps required to start a business in Malta.

Economic Stability

In Malta, the economy is performing quite well and recently Malta is experiencing an influx of businesses and crypto currency companies, relocating to the islands to grow their business, due to the benefits associated. This is transforming Malta into a business hub with ample talent and opportunities, enhancing the chances of success.


Malta's official language is Maltese, however, the majority of population fluently speak the English language. This removes most language barriers foreigners face in many countries. Apart from that many locals can also speak Italian, French and also some German.

Relocating your business with Welcome Center Malta

For business opportunities, the Maltese Islands' popularity continues to increase. Many businesses are relocating to Malta with ease, with the help of local industry professionals. Welcome Center Malta provides tailored corporate services to companies such as, Company formation, tax advisory, recruitment, property, and much more.

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About the Author

Welcome Center Malta

When looking to set up your company in Malta, you will have several business vehicles to choose from, ranging from sole trader (the simplest form), limited liability company, to joint stock corporations and holding companies. Welcome Center Malta helps you decide. Visit our website: www.welcome-center-malta.com


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