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Everyone Wants To Live Offshore

Jeremy Hetherington-Gore Unleashed
24 May, 2007

Research shows that out of 60 million UK residents, all but two (the Queen and Gordon Brown) want to leave the country.

On the face of it, this week's research has only 42.5% of people saying they would like to own overseas property or move abroad, but since each of them belongs to a family with 2.35 members, that makes 99.9% wanting to go.

This no surprise, and similar research has been conducted in Germany, Sweden, Russia and Canada. In Russia, 103% want to leave, but that is because the research was done in winter, when it is necessary to drink vodka just to survive.

Curious as to which among the various possible reasons might account for this dislike of cold, over-taxed, northern countries, I conducted a small survey of my own among the crowd in my local Cyprus pub this lunchtime, with the following results:

  • 'Tax, and getting away from my wife' (Russian)
  • 'The weather, and high taxes' (British)
  • 'My son bought me a house here' (Czech, and the son lives in Monte Carlo).

That makes three and a half out of four, counting me, who are fleeing high taxes. 87.5%, for those of you who went to school in the last 50 years and can't work it out for themselves.

Another interesting figure is that global wealth in 2006 was about US$160 trillion, of which 60% is offshore. The offshore part is growing at more than 10% a year, while the onshore part is static.

So if you combine these figures, by 2030 not only will everyone be living offshore, but no-one will have to work any more, except of course the Queen and Gordon Brown.


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