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Europe-Asia partnership at its best

Healy Consultants
04 January, 2016

Close business relation between European and Asian countries has been topic of many discussions over the years, but recently the favorable partnership between South Korea and the Czech Republic really shows the amazing potential of the two continents.

On one side, South Korea's President, Park Geun-hye, expressed interest in developing the nuclear program in the Czech Republic and managed to negotiate a strong, long-term plan with Czech's counterpart. The agreement will introduce significant amount of new businesses, know-how and cash flows between the states.

As the rather small EU nation appears as a "blue chip" in the global nuclear market, President Park has worked hard on the participation of Korean companies in the project.

On the other side, the Czech Republic offered cooperation in the area of nano-technology, where it is a regional leader. Conveniently, the country has a few world-leading organisations and networks committed to promote nanoscience as well as explore the challenges and future of nanotechnology, including the acknowledged businesses NanoTrade and Kertak.

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Healy Consultants

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