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Estonia And Moldova Offer Great Innovative Solutions In Europe

Healy Consultants Group PLC
28 October, 2015

If you are thinking of Estonia you probably imagine a small, cold, Soviet-looking country, but you are wrong as this gem of a country possess one of the most IT and tech-savvy nations in Europe, and the world.

Rebranded as "E-Stonia" the small Baltic nation is one of the leading countries in adoption of e-Government and all matters of electronic innovations. From close to 100% electronic transfer coverage to an almost fully automated Government website support system. Voting is done online and most people sign electronically for every operation.

Business is easy and foreign investment have openly accepted Estonia as a reliable, modern partner. For example, recently UAE and Estonia signed a lucrative deal aiming to transform the Emirates' Government presence online, letting both countries to freely exchange IT business and good practices.

Other type of innovation in Moldova

Local and foreign business in Moldova can rest assured that patents are well protected as the country will enjoy simplified patent protection from the 1st of November. With a new agreement between the EU and Moldova, both can enjoy mutual validation of patent registrations. This protection for innovation is much needed and welcome for growing Moldovan businesses.

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