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Dominica - the perfect place to do business before you retire, according to Healy Consultants

Healy Consultants Group PLC
29 January, 2016

While most business men consider Caribbean states suitable for retirement, they should also consider the possibility to relocate even sooner, and operate their business from Dominica. Pristine shores are coupled with convenient business setup advantages which make Dominica a prime location for more than one reason. This article will discuss several reasons that make Dominica your go-to business setup location in the Caribbean for 2016.

Open for business

Dominica welcomes foreign investment as confirmed by the country's Minister of Tourism and Urban renewal, Robert Tonge. The country is easily reachable and together with the new three Bailey Bridges along the west coast, logistics and transportation have significantly improved.

Tourism wonder

While tourists enjoy multiple wonders available in Dominica, such as the Trafalgar Falls, Emerald Pool, Middleham Falls, foreign investors can play a significant part in the infrastructural rebuilding process post the recent tropical storm Erika, consequently taking up construction and supply niches, bound to high return on investment.

Freight opportunities

Local business is looking for increased influx of freight business to come in and out of Dominica. Investors can rest assured such business can easily operate, as the country has direct connections to all major nearby airports including Barbados, Guadeloupe and San Juan.


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