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Do you need a Nevada mailing address?

30 May, 2017

Do you need a Nevada mailing address to go along with your Nevada corporation or Nevada LLC?

You can run your business in any state in the US and still incorporate in Nevada to enjoy all benefits that this state provides. Despite you must have a local mailing address as your official business address, you will not be required to set up a physical address in Nevada.

Mail Forwarding Services

Many registered agents offer mail forwarding services that will ensure that all of your business correspondence goes to a safe and secure business address and that it will be forwarded to your primary business address in any state or your email address as a PDF file. You won't have to worry about paying rent and missing an important piece of business mail The Nevada mailing address includes a real street address, with you own suite number to receive postal mail, UPS, FedEx packages, etc.

Manage your mails online

A good registered agent will scan your mail daily and will notify you immediately about any incoming document so you don't have to wait or pay expansive postage.

You can also manage your mail forwarding account online. For example, you can select what kind of mails you want to be scanned and forwarded to you, or mark mails and enter special instructions what needs to be done with the specific document. You can select mails which should be deleted. You can also choose mail out dates and frequency. You will receive a notification every time you receive a mail.

If you need to change your forwarding address, you can do that online too.


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