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Company Name: Hong Kong

11 December, 2015

Company Name: Hong Kong


The basic requirement for incorporating a company in Hong Kong is, that the company shall have at least one member willing to take up at least one share.

Once the company is incorporated a written record of any decision made by the sole member must be provided to the company within 7 days.


Company Name

The first step is to find the right name for the company. Once you come up with the name you should check whether the name is available. You use the free of charge Cyber Search Centre operated by the Companies Registry. Hong Kong companies may have a name either in English or in Chinese or in both languages.  However, it cannot be a combination of Chinese and English characters.
Every company's name shall end with the word "Limited" (Limited in English or its equivalent in Chinese).  Exemption may be granted.


Unacceptable Names

Using any name which could give the impression that the company is connected to the Government or any government department is strictly prohibited.  Furthermore, there are some words and expressions which require the Companies Registry's prior approval:

  • Trust
  • Trustee
  • Kaifong
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Levy
  • Tourism Board
  • Tourist Association
  • Savings
  • 受託
  • 信託
  • 旅遊協會
  • 旅遊發展局
  • 商會
  • 街坊
  • 徵費
  • 儲蓄

You can find more information in the "Guideline on Registration of Companies Names for Hong Kong Companies"

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