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Closer bilateral relations between South Africa and India begin to bear fruit

Healy Consultants
08 February, 2017

South Africa is becoming a prime go-to destination of Indian business and leisure tourism. Recent updated visa regulations allowed Indian travelers to organize their travel in South Africa easily. At Q4 2016, new arrivals boomed in numbers with up to 27% more than previous years.

As Mr. Slabber, ae South African tourism manager expects numbers of arrivals to pass 100,000 with high return rate - one of each three Indian visitors are expected to return.

Indian business in Africa is targeting different sectors with most recent in popularity being the medical treatment and healthcare. Improved bilateral ties between the two countries leads to increased cooperating and exchange of know-how and funding in medical research especially targeting R&D of fighting diseases, such as HIV, Malaria and other, typical for both regions.

Improving South Africa's healthcare systems is beneficial for most of the continent as it attracts travelers for medical reasons from countries as far as Nigeria. In 2015, more than 40,000 Nigerians visited South Africa for a specific medical procedures and treatments. South Africa's medical sector and associated businesses are adequately funded in comparison to similar economies. Using Nigeria again as example, only 4.6% of the country's GDP is associated with healthcare, which is far from sufficient to support the country's large population. Consequently, health care business in South Africa manages to attract more and more visitors, with trends aiming to keep increasing in 2017.

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