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Canada works to become the next IT hotspot for global talents

Healy Consultants Group PLC
20 June, 2017

We are all painfully aware of the visa overhaul that the US is implementing since the beginning of 2017 and more accurately, since President Trump checked in the Oval Office. And while his voters may certainly be happy that he seems to keep his promise to curb H-1B visa applications from increasing, the US' neighbor Canada, may become the next immigration destination, following the start of a new immigration program.

Equivalent to the H-1B visas, Canada aims to welcome foreign talents under a rapid review and approval process in just two weeks. Residence permits and residence visas usually took a significant time to be approved, but under the new program, immigration becomes more affordable and less time-consuming. Apart from improving this streamlined process, Canada is in many ways significantly more affordable and cost-efficient than the US, with quality health care, affordable education and cheaper everyday living costs.

And the reason is simple, the country wants to attract quality foreign talents that value efficiency and will bring innovation and new ideas to the North American country. Furthermore, Ontario is shaping like a small Silicon Valley, being home for many top innovators like Hootsuit and Blackberry, as well as having large offices of all global IT and cloud computing players.

Research and Development investments in Canada seem to be growing strong with support and planned investments in this area from many US and global conglomerates, such as Duguid, Ford, GM and Amazon. Optimized legal constraints have further been lifted to allow Ontario to become even more competitive destination for R&D.


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