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Business Address Proof for a Hong Kong Company

15 February, 2016

You have registered your Hong Kong company and the next step would be to open a company's bank account.

Almost all Hong Kong banks impose precise requirements on bank account opening and follow strict due diligence procedures

You will be required to submit Due Diligence documents such as passports, business registration certificate, etc. Furthermore, you will be asked to prove the company's business address in Hong Kong.

Business address proof

One of the easiest ways to prove the company's business address is to get a local phone number. Now, you have two options:

  1. Monthly plan subscription with a Hong Kong telecommunication company – HK CSL offers a wide range of monthly plans to chose from.  You'll be asked to fill in an application, feel free to use your registered Hong Kong address.
  2. Buy a Skype phone number – you can easily buy a Skype phone number online.

Once your company obtains an official Hong Kong phone number, you can prove your company's business address in Hong Kong.

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