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American business does not share Donald Trump's opinion on Mexico

Healy Consultants Group PLC
13 July, 2015

Donald Trump – one of the most controversial candidates for the US Presidency campaign, is not backing down on his provocative and populist statements about the Mexican influence in America. The famous entrepreneur continued his tirade with, what the Business Insider magazine calls, "epic" three page statement about how Mexico's "worst" is transferred daily to the US via drug trafficking, immigration and prostitution.

These statements negatively won him the spotlight over the past few weeks and several major US, Mexican and global corporations ceased their business relationships with the magnate. The World's second richest man, the telecom giant Carlos Slim, also pulled his business away from Trump, further confirming the resolve of Mexico to fight the aforementioned statements.

Fortunately, American business is not sharing Mr. Trump's opinion and continues the trend of growing business relations with its Southern neighbour. For example, the Governor of Arizona – Mr. Ducey, held a trade mission trip to Mexico City last month to rebuild relationships and increase trade between the states.

Currently, Arizona's trade with Mexico is just over US$16 billion, and the total growth in 2014 increased with almost US$1.8 billion - a truly remarkable milestone for both countries. Many US entrepreneurs are heading to Mexico for the cost-efficiency and growing purchasing power of the population.

Lastly, the Mexican Government is trying to make FDIs (Foreign Direct Investments) in the country easier and while company setup in Mexico is time-consuming, the minimal requirements are low, including low minimal issued share capital and no need for a local shareholder.


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