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Ajman Freezone: World's fastest growing Free Trade Zone for IBC

Oneworld MidEast
22 July, 2015

Established in 1988, Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) has managed to strengthen the trade and financial sector in the UAE as it has lead to substantial industrial development in Ajman by attracting a great number of companies to benefit from its investment privileges, such as the considerable return on their investment that companies are entitled to.

Ajman is one of the 7 emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Situated merely 7 miles away from Dubai, the Ajman Free Zone has recently experiences over 400% growth in company formation activities, becoming one of the most popular places in the UAE for international investors who are looking to set up a free zone company or an offshore company with low costs and enhanced confidentiality.

Ajman's moderate economic climate invites foreign business and welcomes investment. It has been designed to provide incentive for trade, develop international commerce and promote industrial activity, with special attention given to small to medium-sized businesses.

AFZ has about 45 tax treaties as it is considered a part of the UAE, which is a rare fact for an offshore financial centre, and no information exchange treaties, thus ensuring offshore companies in the Free Zone the privacy they require.

To incorporate a company in Ajman there is a requirement of one shareholder and one director, and no restriction on the maximum number of such. An Ajman offshore company also enjoys the fact that there is also no register of shareholders or directors, thus ensuring complete anonymity.

As a result, Ajman enjoys a reputation as a secure, tax-free jurisdiction for offshore and free zone companies and is often favoured for its asset protection schemes.

To find out more and to discuss opportunities please contact our director Costas Ioannou at CIoannou@oneworldmideast.net

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