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A new age for the Philippines infrastructure

Healy Consultants
14 March, 2017

Popular streamline news and media shows us only one of the faces of the controversial President of the Philippines: a hardliner focused on annihilating crime and drug trafficking. However, economists follow one other aspect of his ongoing presidency, namely the envisioned "golden age of infrastructure".

With massive US$170 billion plan in the works, the new administration aims to bring much needed airports, roads and train systems to the rapidly developing nation. With ongoing support from major trade partners, such as Japan and China, building the better and more efficient tomorrow of the Philippine economy may soon become reality.

Massive focus of this development is the capital Manila. Recently, the President said that: "The city is really suffering now from lack of mobility, not only in terms of mobility, it's really the total absence of infrastructure,". He even used the word decaying to stress the importance of rejuvenation and desperate need of more spending.

However, the biggest weakness of Duerte's plan may come from within his own administration and more broadly speaking, the pubic sector. Red tape and significant delays from many sluggish Government agencies may deter foreign investments, leading to withdrawal of many projects.

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