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5 Steps to Follow After Incorporating a Business

10 November, 2017

Have you recently started a new business in Nevada and registered a new company?  You may feel overwhelmed and wonder what to do next. New entrepreneurs usually have many unsureness and questions after starting their business. If you are one of them, we have prepared an easy incorporation checklist that will help you kick-start your new business and keep your company in good standing.

Requirements to stay Compliant

It's crucial to understand what is required to keep your company compliant. It often differs from state to state. You will have to find out what specific requirements for filing of the federal and state taxes are, when and how to file the annual report, rules for holding an annual shareholder's meeting and more.

Business Bank Account

One of the most essential steps is opening and operating of a corporate bank account. This not only allows you to keep all business transactions aside from personal transactions, but it will also rationalize the tax reporting and business accounting. There are several things required in order to open a new bank account such as organizational documents, Employer Identification Number, etc.

Organizational Documents

Once you file all formation paperwork and open the bank account, you should create and execute a bylaws or Operating Agreement concerning the business structure. These documents will help define the internal governing rules of the newly formed company.


Last but not least, promotion of your business is essential to succeed. You can create a website, be present on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

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