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5 Forex Trading Secrets you Need to Know

Trade Forex Zen
11 September, 2014

If you are new to forex trading then it is essential that you learn about these 5 forex trading secrets to help you stay afloat in the volatile world of online forex trading.

1.Practice Makes Perfect, but it isn't everything

Demo trading accounts are ideal when you first start your forex trading career. They enable you to learn about the market without risking real money, and they give you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the trading platform under the safety of a demo trading experience.

But a demo trading account is not a place that you need to be for months on end. Eventually you need to step into a live account; otherwise you run the risk of becoming too complacent here and never taking the plunge in a live setting.

Today's trading environment is very different from what it was 20 years ago. Nowadays you can open a mini trading account for as little as $200, which is not a great deal of money to risk. This is one step better than a demo account as it gives you feel for what it's like to trade real funds on a live market. Eventually, you will be ready to open a standard trading to trade bigger amounts of money.

2.Stick to a Single Forex Trading Strategy  

Never jump from one trading strategy to another as this will confuse matters and damage your forex trading account. Instead, keep everything as simple and straightforward as possible by sticking to a single forex trading strategy. Practice that strategy until you are 100% happy with it, and make tweaks as necessary.

3.Know the Market

Educate yourself in as much depth as possible. Follow forex news to learn about the current state of your selected currencies. Find out about the economic, social and political history of your chosen currency to give yourself a deep fundamental knowledge that will help you when executing your trades.

4.Keep a Close eye on Margin

Margin trading is incredibly risky so approach with caution. If you are a first-time trader it is advised to steer clear of margin trading (also known as leveraged trading) as it is an easy way to wipe out your forex trading account within moments.  

5.The Bottom Line

In the end, it's the bottom line that counts so avoid obsessing over won or lost trades. Instead, concentrate on how much money you've made at the end of each trading day. 

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